Thunder – the cycle of life and death {Alan Watts}

Thunder – the cycle of life and death {Alan Watts}

Another beautiful lecture from one of the best people to ever live: Alan Watts.

This is a brief section of a recording uncovered by his children – and set to music and video by another company.

If you can get to the point where you understand this is all part of a bigger thing – and that everything is basically one – life is just so much easier and fruitful. This type of “input” to your brain is far better than superficial entertainment like the BS out of Hollywood or “sportsball.”

By the way – if you can download most or all of his lectures (go to the website to order them), these are the absolute BEST “fall asleep” sounds to have. Better than any “app” out there. You should also keep them in your car or even play on your iPods. Best listened to in a quiet place with minimal distractions, however.


PS – It would be astonishing to see what would happen if people, in general, spent more time on stuff like this – other than the other garbage that exists in this world.

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