Limited time holiday ad spot


Most local readers = best advertising choice

Hey, Hoboken411 isn’t your only option in Hoboken – but it is your BEST option.

Wasting money on other hardly-read venues – regardless of how “fancy” the “billboard” – is not a fiscally smart decision. It’s like spending money to put your message in the middle of the desert. Would you do that, even if the “billboard” itself was nice?

I wouldn’t think so.


2008 Peak Holiday Shopping Season

For the first time ever, is offering this high-profile spot to advertise your business. Perfect timing as the 2008 Holiday Shopping season ramps up, Summer vacations are over, and readership is at an all-time high!

Starting October 1st, 2008 and running through December 31st, 2008 – this spot will be available for you to purchase. Many more readers than the newspapers, and all other Hoboken-related websites combined – and at a lower cost!

To take advantage of this limited time (and availability) opportunity, please send an email to to set up an appointment. Serious inquiries from existing Hoboken businesses only.

Happy (upcoming) Holidays!


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