Hoboken is pushing the limits with prohibited driving

Hoboken is pushing the limits with “banning” free travel (driving)

The city of Hoboken, high on their power trip with the “crisis…” Now thinks they can ban driving for what will amount to just a big thunderstorm?

Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla and OEM Coordinator Sgt. William Montanez has instituted travel restrictions from 8 am on Tuesday until 8 am on Wednesday. Driving is prohibited except for public safety and essential services (government, utilities, medical personnel).”

Not sure they can prohibit you from free travel whatsoever – especially since what we have coming is just a forecast; a “prediction.” We certainly will be driving until we alone feel that it is not safe. Not some bone-headed corrupt politician who loves telling people what to do to get their rocks off.

You keep tolerating this – next, they will say you can’t leave your house on cloudy fucking days. Kick these scumbags to the curb ASAP!


Driving Prohibited Hoboken pushing the limit control politics

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