How to Work, Study, and Raise a Family as a Nurse

How to Work, Study, and Raise a Family as a Nurse

Being a nurse can mean almost anything that you want it to be. The only downside is that you need to continue to push your career forward until you reach a position where you have that choice. Registered Nurses have more career options than CNAs. APRNs have more options than RNs. FNPs have more career options than Nurse Anesthetists. The list goes on. That is why when choosing where to go with your nursing career you need to know what type of work you want to do, and the working environment in which you want to make your second home.

Only when you know this can you successfully balance your work and personal life for good. If you want a nine-to-five as a nurse, you can have it. You can work in big hospitals with a high-paced day or in a rural clinic where you get to know each and every one of your patients on a deeper level.

nurse and raising a family - How to Work, Study, and Raise a Family as a Nurse

Regardless of what your ultimate goal is, working while studying is the way to go. To help you achieve this balance, especially as a working parent, you will want to follow this guide:

Choose the Best Degree for Your Goals

As a mother, taking time off to go to university isn’t an option. You have both parental and financial responsibilities, which can make advancing your career feel like a nightmare’s worth of effort.

That is why when choosing a degree to advance your career in nursing it needs to be so much more than just the first option than comes your way. Yes, so long as the degree is accredited by the necessary institutions it should teach you what you need to know, but that is the bare minimum.

You need a degree that you can complete while working. One that will teach you not just the information, but also the skills that will help you succeed in your chosen role. A BSN to FNP, for example, needs to teach you key skills to help you analyze, assess, and diagnose. You also want support from the entire faculty, including guaranteed placement for your clinical hours.

Find the right BSN to FNP, and make sure it provides the support and curriculum you need to advance your individual career goals while simultaneously juggling being a working parent.

Get Your Family on Board to Help

Everyone in your family needs to be on board in order for you to juggle three very important parts of your life, and this includes your children. Get your children to do more chores, get them involved with cooking, and most of all try to create a new schedule so your kids know when to leave you to study.

Having them be more hands-on around the house doesn’t need to be a punishment either. It can be your opportunity to spend time with them and bond on a more regular basis even while working full-time and then spending an hour or three more a day studying. Another way you can spend time with your kids while studying is to do it all together.

Tip: To help ease them into this, start building these rules and expectations up before you begin your degree. This way you have more time and head space to properly hash out the details with your kids, partner, parents, and friends.

Work with Your Employer

High-level nurses are in great demand. So much so that employers around the country are even starting to sponsor their RNs to complete their MSN degrees. This can give you a lot of negotiating power. If your employer does not want to sponsor you, then at the very least you can negotiate for a more consistent schedule so that you can better juggle work, study, and parenting.

Use all the resources your employer has available. If this is a daycare, then use it. If it’s simply the option to customize your working schedule more, do it. Whatever your employer can offer to help you make consistent strides in completing your degree is worthwhile.

Take it At Your Own Pace

Your job as a nurse is a full-time position. Your job as a parent is a full-time position. Even though your education will only be part-time and online, it can easily shift your routine and topple you over. That is why you need to start slow and figure out how much you can take on at once. Slow and steady wins the race and will help you be a great parent and a great nurse.

raise a family as a nurse - How to Work, Study, and Raise a Family as a Nurse

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