Used masks are HAZMAT, right?

Worn masks are HAZMAT, right?

As a follow up post on last week’s “virus” mask litter… What is the next step with used masks?

“If masks work, then used ones are all potentially HAZMAT. Where are the biohazard disposal bags? We’re just tossing virus-contaminated masks and gloves in the trash or on the ground? If they’re not HAZMAT, then you’re admitting they don’t work.

Over 200 BILLION masks are being trashed every month. The ecosystem is being destroyed by garbage that didn’t do anything when in use anyway. This alone is sufficient reason to make wearing masks illegal. Remember when you complained about plastic straws? Apparently, it’s A-OK to contaminate the environment now that you want an item, rather than children wanting an item.”

Michael Z. Williamson

Makes you wonder how they plan on fixing this. Warnings? Friendly reminders? Or more wasting money on hazmat containers and additional property taxpayer-funded resources to manage the ridiculous calamity this all is.

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