Revival Vintage Boutique

Hoboken’s premiere retro outlet: Revival Vintage Boutique

Here’s another great option for you if you don’t feel like partaking in the alcohol-infused Hoboken LepreCon this weekend.

A few months ago – Revival Vintage Boutique moved from their previously tiny & cramped location at 600 Park Ave., to a fabulous spacious spot in the southwest corner of town at 47 Harrison Street.

The new spot is packed with tons of hand-picked vintage clothing for ladies and gentleman – along with accessories, jewelry, some furniture and many other interesting items from days past.

This particular location is great too, because they get plenty of afternoon sunshine which adds warmth to the throw-back shopping experience. Plus, you might have the pleasure of hearing their singer/guitarist perform while you shop (he’s there once per week…)

Note: They have rather unique hours – Tuesday through Thursday 12-8pm, and Weekends 11am to 7pm. Closed Friday and Mondays (for now).

Revival Vintage says “Thank You” to Hoboken

“After four years of business, we have been able to expand and move to a new location at Chambord Place, 47 Harrison Street (between Newark and Observer).

Here, in our showroom location, we have over 3,000 sq feet of vintage clothing. We have larger sections for both men and women and still can offer quality garments from the late 1800’s to the 1980’s. Whatever notion you have, whether a hat, glove, dress, coat, separates, shoes, boots, purse, luggage, jewelry, bow tie, ascot, sports jacket, tuxedo…. we have it all. Designers like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Courreges, Valentino, Hermes, Gucci, Geoffrey Bean, Vera, etc.

Come visit us to enjoy our: weekly live music performance by Tony Simpson, staff seamstress who can custom alter your garments and our staff stylists who can help you find that special, flattering outfit! We welcome seasoned and novice vintage collectors.”

Spring is coming and save 15% just by “checking in!”

“Before you know it these dreary winter days will be over. We at Revival Vintage are anxiously awaiting Spring!Time to dust out that billowy spring dress, those high wasted shorts and those oh so soft, Spring cardigans.Just the thought of everyday sunshine, makes us smile!We know you’re just as excited as we are to have the sun kiss your skin and the warm sping breeze refresh your day. Lets get ready together!

We’re putting out some new Spring arrivals, and don’t worry we have your back, well your wallet’s back.

Come in to Revival Vintage Boutique and get 15% off. All you have to do is check in on facebook when you get to the store. Again “Check In” at Revival Vintage Boutique on Facebook and receive 15% off!”

Description: Vintage clothing and accessories for men and women
Address: 47 Harrison Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-217-9001
Twitter: revivalvtgbtq

5/8/2009 Update!

Stopped by Revival Boutique (6th & Park) last week – and discovered a very cool shop! Check it out this weekend!!!

The store owner has a message for the Hoboken411 readers…

Vintage treasures can by yours!

revival-boutique-hoboken-diana“Hello Hoboken! We are thrilled to be on Hoboken411!

Thank you to the vintage lovers who have given us a warm welcome! Apparently there is a vintage following here and we are glad to give some momentum to it. We are a funky little vintage boutique that is full of vintage women & men’s clothing, couture, shoes, purses, jewelry, hats, belts, house wares, lamps, furniture, vinyl records (from Tropicalia In Furs), art, artisan and interesting oddities. Our vintage ranges from the early 1900’s to 1990’s and are both straight vintage and reinvented. We try to reuse, and revive things to keep it interesting, unique and “green” without trying to be. Our prices are very friendly and range from $1 – $300 with an average price around $35. We mesh with the vintage scene in the area from MackeyBlue to Another Man’s Treasure and Halo and encourage you to give your creative side a boost by circulating through our stores!

We are nestled in at 600 Park Avenue (the corner of 6th and Park, next to Mr. L’s Barber Shop). Our hours are Thursday & Friday from 4-7 and Saturday & Sunday from 12-6. We’d love to buy, sell, barter and trade with you! 201-217-9001 (coming soon).”


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012 10:37 am

Just stopped in over the weekend- lots of neat stuff there, and so pretty that it is organized by color groups! I’m keeping it in mind for the next time I want something really unique.

Friday, March 2, 2012 1:08 pm

Amazing what happens when you don’t get out and explore the city more. We rarely travel out that end of town, so it’s easy to miss. Looks like a fun place. We’ll definitely check it out this weekend. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:22 am

Great call midtown! And such a nice business owner!

Tama Murden
Tama Murden
Friday, May 8, 2009 3:33 pm

It’s a really fun shop, with lots of treasures. Diana, the owner, is delightful. And is gracious enough to give cred to some of the local competition!

I like that she’s game to do barter, too.

Congrats on launching a great new vintage venue! I hope this places does very, very well.

Reply to  Tama Murden
Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:10 am

Revival is your one stop shop for everything vintage. Clothing, shoes, accessories, cool old cameras, old toasters this place packs a great punch. Perfect for a last sec holiday gift. Rotary phones, so kewlllllll

In response to Tama Murden who said:

It’s a really fun shop, with lots of treasures. Diana, the owner, is delightful. And is gracious enough to give cred to some of the local competition!

I like that she’s game to do barter, too.

Congrats on launching a great new vintage venue! I hope this places does very, very well.

Friday, May 8, 2009 12:17 pm

reminds me of old Hoboken shops back in the 70s, Cool!

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