Mask Mob Insanity in The United States! {by design}

Mask Mob Insanity! {by design}

This whole “mask” thing is outrageous. And the growing “mask mob,” as I like to call them (mostly millennials or liberals who drank the kool-aid) is insane. You see how these “educated” (via social media and MSM) dickheads are treating this elderly woman at some fast food place?

Mask Sheeple Invasion

None of these “mask mob” members seem to realize that these “mask mandates” have come well over 120 days since this “crisis” started. And in the HOTTEST MONTHS of the year!

No one seems to recall how hot weather and sunlight made the problem go away. Instead – the problem is getting worse? That is – if you believe any of this fear-mongering. Does anyone think critically at all anymore?

The mask mandates are instilled because of (1) FEAR, and (2) to divide the public (i.e., “infighting” and distraction), and of course – the big daddy of them all (3) to attempt to control the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

I’ll say this again. People – for a myriad of reasons, simply just cannot think both critically AND logically at the same time. They use a boatload of mental “biases” to form the internal conclusion that makes themselves feel best. Not for finding the truth or educating themselves with quality information. Did you see that angry tattooed bitch in the video above? Her testosterone level is higher than all men in Hoboken (especially at City Hall). WTF?

Sad to say – but the “younger generation” of this country (and others), have been literally programmed mentally like a potter using clay. Their eyes are cold and empty. Almost like egotistical robots. The funny thing about these robots – is that they’re entirely DISPOSABLE (when “TPTB” no longer needs them). Don’t be surprised at what happens in the future.

What do you think will happen in just 98 days from now? Grab your popcorn! It will probably feel like forever.

mask mob of douchebag millennials - Mask Mob Insanity in The United States! {by design}

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