Pumpocracy in Hoboken! (“But it would have been worse!”)

Pumpocracy in Hoboken! (“But it would have been worse!”)

It cracks me up. These so-called “flooding pumps” might as well be just speakers pumping out pump motor sounds. Why?

hoboken flooding july 22 2020 1

Hoboken will always flood (with BS for sure!)

Because Hoboken always floods – no matter what. Just like yesterday’s summer thunder-showers proved.

These bobble-headed politicians always LOVE to send out pressers the next day that exclaim “well, it would have been much worse!” (And they also probably have a warehouse of bridges to sell you!)

Bullshit. The same flooding still happens in Hoboken. Basements still get wrecked – and cars still get totaled. Even with bonus RAW SEWAGE! Hooray! What does that pair well with anyway?

hoboken flooding july 22 2020 3

Hoboken bait and switch (and what else?)

And don’t let them try and say each and every time it floods it’s some kind of “unprecedented” or “1,000,000 year storm!” How many times can they peddle that racket?

Oh, I guess the same way they’ve been pitching “global warming” as well as “sea levels!” Oh, the humanity! Give us more money please!

Don’t buy the hype. Better off seeing how the money flowed behind the scenes and under the tables. Wonder when the next wave of corruption arrests swings back into town?

You all got CONNED big time!

hoboken flooding july 22 2020 2

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