Where is Slots Gambling Illegal?

Where is Slots Gambling Illegal?

All countries make their own gambling laws and some are strict while others have a more liberal attitude towards this common hobby – join to try now. Countries with the strictest gambling laws try to discourage their citizens from participating in any forms of gambling by making gambling illegal. However, this drives all forms of gambling including slots gambling, underground.

slots gambling illegal

European countries tend to have a more relaxed view of gambling while other countries are far stricter. Political ideologies or religious beliefs are often behind such strict attitudes. Nobody doubts that gambling needs some sort of controls and laws applied to it, as aspects of gambling can prove problematic within society. However, history tells us that blanket bans rarely work.

Throughout history, many countries have banned gambling outright and this includes so-called democracies like the USA. This has only proved to encourage a criminal element into gambling, as no rules or regulations apply when something is driven underground. Gambling always manages to literally beat the odds and resurface in society.

This has made authorities realize that it is far easier to regulate gambling than to ban it. However, there are still countries where gambling on slots and all other forms of gambling is still illegal. So if you think the gambling industry is over-regulated, then spare a thought for the citizens of the following countries.

Countries Where Gambling Is Outlawed

Almost all Islamic countries are against all forms of gambling and enforce anti-gambling laws vigorously. In Brunei, the authorities enforce the Common Gaming House Act and this prohibits any form of gambling from taking place across the country.

1. Qatar

Qatar will be hosting the next football World Cup, but don’t expect to be placing any bets on the outcomes of these games, unless you are willing to get involved in underground gambling. Qatar is the strictest of all countries when it comes to anti-gambling laws. All forms of gambling including sports betting and slots gambling are illegal. Qatar is a prime example of what happens when you blanket ban gambling in society. This country now has a thriving underground gambling scene that often evades law enforcers. It is an unregulated gambling arena that can be unpredictable for those who choose to bet in it. Some punters even manage to get around tight internet laws and access slot sites from other countries.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia has experienced gambling addiction amongst its citizens and now all forms of gambling, including slots have been banned. However, it is legal to bet on the 5 privately run lotteries sponsored by the government. The 1996 Suppression Of Gambling Act does not apply to foreigners in Cambodia and several casinos cater to tourists here.

3. China

The largest communist country in the world is China and gambling is illegal and has been since the Communist Party came into power in 1949. However, China is the home to Macau, the biggest gambling resort in the world and the only place in China where you can spin the slots legally.

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