How soon before Hoboken “street eating” kills someone?

How soon before Hoboken “street eating” kills someone?

Quick question – Hoboken is catering to the whole “Social Distancing” thing. And by doing so is opening up various alternative eating conditions at restaurants.

Up to and including literally eating in what once were PARKING SPOTS on the street.

Sure, one might appreciate the “out of the box” thinking.

But at what point does some kind of fatal car wreck cause them to re-think this whole endeavor?

Sidewalk eating was already slightly hazardous – but at least you had the protection of a multi-ton barricade in front of you.

These new eating sections have practically no “protection.”

And the painfully slow speed limits in town will never have full compliance. Add some recreational fun – and you have a recipe for disaster – no matter how “proactive” the police force is.

Wonder what the Vegas oddsmakers are saying about when the first sidewalk pileup will be?

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