For Single Parents: 5 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip with Kids

For Single Parents: 5 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip with Kids

Once you finish your divorce procedure, Arizona online divorce service and offline litigation are a thing of the past, now is the time to think about having a quiet vacation with your children and without your former second half.

This will definitely help you organize your thoughts, find strength for your future plans, change your environment and maintain an emotional connection with your children after the legal forms divorce and toothy lawyers of your ex destroyed a good part of your nerve cells. However, there are some subtleties that you need to know about when planning your first trip as a divorced and single parent. Keep reading.

single parents divorce kids traveling - For Single Parents: 5 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip with Kids

You Have to Pay for Your Vacation Alone

Very often, the financial issue becomes one of the most pressing after the divorce. Previously, you had a common budget, you could control total spending and plan joint purchases and trips, but now everything has changed. Now everyone pays for himself. Of course, your financial arrangements are determined by the court and your personal agreements, so there may be several options.

Your soulmate can either compensate for half the cost of children’s vacation, or you will need to pay the full amount now, but the next trip with the children will be paid by the second parent. Most likely, you will have to pay for your desire yourself. And this is the first thing to think about – where will you get the money and whether it will hit your personal budget after returning home.

There Will Be No Person Who Will Allow You to Rest

If you used to go on family vacations with the whole family — you, your husband or wife, and your children, then most likely you shared the responsibilities for caring for the child equally and performed certain actions in turn. This approach, of course, made it possible for each parent to rest. However, now everything will be different.

No one can give you the opportunity to lie quietly on the beach while your partner is building sandcastles with children. Be prepared for the fact that you will be able to rest only at night, especially if your children are small and you have more than one kid. Although the number of children, in this case, does not change the situation too much. Therefore, you should try not to overestimate your expectations right away – treat your trip as a change of scenery with your children, but not as vacation and rest. At least for now.

There Will Be No Person Who Will Help You If the Child Gets Sick

If you have children, that means you have seen the law of meanness in action more than once – children like to get sick when something very important happens at your work. You physically cannot give them much of your time, at night, when the nearest pharmacy is closed, the prescription runs out, and … on vacation. Or on the eve of vacation. Therefore, here you need to draw three conclusions.

  1. You need a fully equipped first-aid kit since you can no longer go to the pharmacy – or you will have to take the child with you.
  2. You definitely need medical insurance for all foreseeable and unforeseen cases.
  3. Unfortunately, if a child falls ill during the holidays, no one will be able to support you either physically or mentally.

You Should Be Twice More Attentive in Crowded Places

Especially if you have two or more young children. Although sometimes the temperament of a single child can be so explosive and restless that the only way to keep him in place, at least during customs control, is to either fasten seat belts in a stroller or put the child in the carrier. And also fasten tightly.

Therefore, in any case, remember that when traveling with children and without a second parent, you are the only adult who must control them and who is responsible for their safety. Yes, in the territory of the airport’s closed terminal, nothing will happen to your child, and the security will quickly find him in the event of force majeure. But get ready for the fact that you need to be two or even three times more careful in tourist locations and in crowded places. You will have to take care of yourself, children, things, money, and documents at the same time.

You Need Legal Permission from Your Ex-Spouse to Take Your Child Abroad

Remember how carefully you filled the DIY divorce kit? Now you need to take the same responsibility for the documents that will be needed on your trip. Yes, you can freely move around the country with your children and no one has the right to detain you. However, in this case, it’s still better to tell the second parent your route and give the exact addresses of the places where you will stay, so that he or she does not think that you just want to take the children to another place.

Moreover, if you are traveling abroad, then you need a notarized document that will indicate that the second parent is not against traveling abroad of a child or children under your responsibility. This permission must contain an indication of the country you are traveling to, as well as the time limits for your return home.

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