Hoboken Week in Review – 9/21/2008


From finance to local politics, the past week was indeed a roller coaster ride.

What made the Top 10 most discussed Hoboken411 entries for the week ending Sunday September 21st, 2008?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Money, money, money!
    Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Many folks are sad.
  2. Weekend blood drive bath
    Local bar/club/restaurant Lounge 11 angers neighboring residents, forcing them to write their councilman.
  3. Castle Point Postponement
    The situation with the local tax-collector and his home improvements gets put on hold for another couple months.
  4. End of an Empire
    The midtown fitness center still getting traction on Hoboken411…
  5. Dog fight
    A recent incident involving Pit Bulls stirs up conversation.
  6. Hoboken has a lot of fingers and toes
    Previously doomed discount clothing store turns into nail salon/spa. Finally gets name.
  7. My team is better than your team
    One reader wants to talk trash about the Philadelphia Eagles. Sigh.
  8. Coffee shop gets facelift
    A downtown Dunkin’ Donuts gets revamped.
  9. Mayor speaks
    David Roberts is quoted in regards local recent Wall St. troubles.
  10. Put a shredder on your Xmas list
    One Hoboken411 reader warns of the dangers with identity theft and your garbage.


This week

Some upcoming events in Hoboken:

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The Mayor speaks on the economy LOL…Hoboken is $20mil. in the hole by reason of his leadership. He should speak up and resign…it would be the honorable thing to do ❗