Do you really support “mail in ballots?” LOL

Do you really support “mail in ballots?” LOL

We mentioned this in a recent post about polls earlier this week – that they’ve “re-tooled” what once used to be “absentee ballots” into “vote by mail” ballots.

Do you ever wonder why?

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Absentee Ballots were the exception, not the norm

Do you remember that absentee ballots were used exclusively for people who could NOT be physically at the polls? Like out of state for whatever legitimate reason?

Now they’ve turned this special exclusion into a 100% “right” to vote remotely.

Sure, they can use the retarded COVID scare as justification – sounds legit, right? LOL.

Voter fraud is so easy when you have thousands or millions of paper ballots that can in NO WAY be tracked for authenticity without a literal army of people to “fact check” them. And even then – it would be a laborious process that would take weeks, if not months to “accurately” process.

Anyone with half a brain cell would see the holes in this big push.

And even then – it’s been proven that those convoluted “voting booths” have also been known to manipulate votes and so on.

Worst voting system. Period.

The voting system is broken. We’ve already said – that they should put a scoreboard on EVERY SINGLE voting machine to show the score – like an NBA game – so you can see if your vote increased the tally.

Why do they keep the vote tally in the machine so secret? Yet they blatantly publish (FAKE) polls all the time to “influence” potential voters?

It’s time for this RACKET to end – and bring back the true republic.

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