Reader Mail: Unfinished piers uptown

5/27/2009 Update:

Here’s a brief update to this Reader Mail post which was published back in September 2008.

Could it possibly be another waterfront park?

Several contacts I’ve spoken with in regards to the uptown waterfront area, have said that apparently The Berkshire building under construction – is Applied Company’s last “obligation” to Hoboken, and that according to the Hudson County Master Plan (who follows master plans these days?) – the pier which jets north from 15th Street – is slated to become another waterfront park.

Whether that ever happens – and when (2020?) – remains to be seen.


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One uptown Hoboken411 reader suspects shifty business as the reason why no action has been taken with the piers in northeast Hoboken:


Quit dilly-dallying already!

“As you might be aware, at the corner of 15th and Hudson Street is a decrepit waterfront pier currently owned by Applied Housing. Years ago I saw that Applied planned on building some tennis courts and I believe a small park area or basketball court (to be for the use of its residents) on this pier once it was rebuilt.

As can be clearly seen, no one work has been done and it is an awful eyesore for the surrounding residents. I recently was told by a Toll Brothers representative (sponsor of the Hudson Tea Building) that Applied is required to fix the pier as part of their deal with the city of Hoboken allowing them to build the six towers that currently stand at the waterfront area. They also indicated that technically Applied does not have to repair the pier until right before they finish the last building on the property they purchased (there is currently one lot left, used as a parking area on the north east corner of 14th and Hudson). It is interesting to note that Toll Brothers has been repairing the waterfront as they have built their buildings instead of waiting until the end as Applied has done.

Clearly the Toll representative feels that Applied might be trying to get out of having to repair the pier (cost benefit analysis, last remaining building might not be worth the cost of repairing pier therefore permanently delay building last building, etc. and just get the benefit from the other buildings that were built).

This clearly defeats the purpose and intentions of the city in this regard.”


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I heard the tennis court story a long time ago, too. It’s bullshit, like much of the developers’ talk in this town.

Nothing is going to change until Roberts is out on his ass. A Cammarano win will be just more of the same. Without a mayor who will stick up for this town, we’re just a doormat for politically-connected developers.


Shipyard sales people were saying that 15th st pier was going to be “tennis courts very soon” 8 or 9 years ago.

I won’t hold my breath anymore for something on those piers


The piece that jots out north is the city’s. They own an easement that gives them access through the Barry property.

I always thought it would be a great spot for a nail salon.


The decisions to be made regarding this area require vision, financial expertise and proper action. It will be interesting to hear what the candidates for Mayor and Council-at-large have to say in their campaign for the May 09 election. ❓


I seem to recall that the City of Hoboken owns all or part of the wider, north/south pier. Even if we don’t, NJ mandates that ALL Hudson River developers & property owners must design, build, operate and maintain a publicly accessible waterfront walkway of a specified width (I think 30 feet, from Fort Lee to Bayonne.

Even that monstrosity known as “Riva Pointe” (what lanquage is that anyway)in Weehawken is part of this concept but you must climb the steps to get there. Hint: they don’t want you there!

A ball field appeared in Applied’s renderings for the shipyard site all those years ago. That and a tennis court would probably be fine but if they are permited to place buildings on these piers, those sites will be the only place along the Hoboken walkway where development was allowed to occur on the water side of the path – a fate we have escaped so far.

Applied was also part of a group of developers (NJ Transit included) that tried to overturn the state’s mandate even though the law pre-dated their ownership. Nice.