The Disgraced & Shameless ‘Experts’ Can No Longer Be Trusted

If you’ve paid attention – how can you NOT realize how inconsistent and often contradictory the “information” you receive about ANYTHING is? It seems impossible to us, unless it is all by design. No way an advanced civilization like ours can regress, right?

cannot trust experts - The Disgraced & Shameless ‘Experts’ Can No Longer Be Trusted

The Disgraced & Shameless ‘Experts’ Can No Longer Be Trusted

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While the academic community’s credibility had long been cratering, it completely bottomed out in the last several weeks and there’s no reason any more to doubt the depths of their shamelessness and dishonesty.

So when I hear “Every Trump-supporting red state that ignored our fear-mongering is about to spontaneously combust, and every Trump-hating blue state that heeded our fear-mongering is a utopia of good health,” I have to take a step back and give it some thought.

Here’s the real crux of where my skepticism came from and why I decided to write about it.

Cast your mind:

It’s a crisp, December morning. We’re a few weeks removed from President Trump having destroyed that demented, hair-sniffing pedophile Sleepy Joe Biden. The Democrats in Congress are angrily brewing their next impeachment hoax, hundreds of dishonest “news” outlets are shuttering and thousands of dedicated little leftist fascists pretending to be journalists have just been fired and are now learning to code, and Trump supporters are still blissfully nursing hangovers from weeks of binge-drinking liberal tears. The COVID scare ended, as many predicted, the minute it failed to prevent Trump’s re-election. And then a small news item hits the cycle…

Healthcare Officials Under Fire For Falsifying COVID-19 Data

A national network of healthcare experts is being investigated by the DOJ for falsifying state-by-state COVID-19 data in an apparent effort to manipulate public opinion and response to the virus. A whistleblower has come forward and alleged that there was a quiet but coordinated effort to boost numbers in states that were expediting their return to normalcy, and deflate the numbers in states that continued diligently practicing social distancing and other preventative measures. The whistleblower told investigators the goal was to promote public health and safety, but achieving that goal meant falsifying data, lying to the public, and ultimately abandoning the integrity of the research communities involved.

If that story came out, take a guess what would happen.

“It would be a huge scandal that would stay in the headlines for weeks!”


“It would be kind of a big deal and result in some serious repercussions for those involved.”


“It would be swept under the rug almost immediately by the media and the vast majority of the nation would never even hear about it.”


Think about that. Seriously. Forget about the hypothetical storyline itself. Think only about how the media would treat it if it did happen.

Double Standards

If healthcare “experts” colluded to falsify their data and punish red states who ignored them while celebrating blue states who obeyed them, it wouldn’t even be in the headlines for more than a day or two at the most. And most of that coverage would be simply covering for the rest of the healthcare community, and apologizing for the guilty who — as Resistance Jake Tapper would likely note — “in the end when you think about, were primarily guilty of caring too much.”

Academia’s scientific research community had long defiled itself with their myriad climate change doomsday promises that never came to pass, along with the myriad revelations about them falsifying the related data always in one direction: to promote the fear and punish any who dared not submit to it.

Then COVID-19 came along and they couldn’t wait to promise that the world was basically coming to an end and if you didn’t literally lock yourself in your home indefinitely while ignoring all other health issues and helping kill our nation’s economy in the process, then you’re basically a mass murderer who hates everyone but yourself.

And then they really went off the cliff when the protests, riots, and looting started after George Floyd’s murder and the medical community’s unofficial spokespeople banded together and declared that those massive public gatherings were not only acceptable, but necessary to help improve public health.

If you wanted to open your business, or go to the beach with your family, or get your haircut, or exercise your First Amendment right to protest those who prohibited you from doing any of those things — then you’re basically Hitler.

But if you’re out there protesting on behalf of left-wing causes then not only are you exempt from COVID-related concerns, but you’re actually helping improve public health.

This actually happened, people.

I’m not making it up.

Losing their marbles

I love and respect the medical community and especially those family and friends I have who work within it. But the top brass of that medical community all sat by silently while 1,000+ from their “woke” faction signed onto a letter saying that “racism” is a greater public health threat than COVID-19 and thus anyone who supports Black Lives Matter is free to be out and about and doing as they please. The rest of us, however, must still suffer at home and any attempts to do otherwise means we hate people and love murder.

These people have lost their marbles if they thought, after that, we would ever trust them again. And thus I now — I’m sorry to say — have zero faith in the academic research, science and medical community who have either abandoned any pretense of objectivity in service to social and political engineering or sat by and silently watched while their peers were amplified and celebrated by the media for doing so.

As is the case with racial disparity and disunity in America, there are real lives at stake here. This isn’t a game. And these people — the academic research, science, and medical community — have utterly disgraced themselves and left us with no choice but to not only doubt their claims but also to assume that nefarious and politically partisan intent compels those claims.

And many of us have assumed that posture for some time to at least some degree. As noted, the decades worth of climate hysteria and doomsday promises that never came to pass and had been revealed repeatedly over time to have been predicated on falsified or woefully incomplete data, make many of us skeptical about a lot more than their climate change hysteria alone.

It was a stain on the entire academic institution.

Inject Chaos

And then you factor in the safe spaces and trigger warnings and book burnings and fascism and intolerance and normalized violence as a response to speech and deference to the diversity of one’s identity over the content of one’s character that’s not only taught but in fact preached on literally every college campus in America, and our skepticism for the value of academia continued to grow.

And then factor in the humiliating national panic attack they eagerly foist on us by way of a spectacularly overblown response to COVID-19 which, in the end, will be nothing more than a uniquely bad flu strain that claims maybe twice the usual number who die from the flu each year…

And then factor in the ugly reality that they likely manufactured that panic attack because they knew, with help from their equally disgraced and discredited legacy news media peers, that they could severely damage our nation and with it the person we elected to lead it whose name would in a few months be on the ballot for an opportunity to lead the next 4 years as well…

And then factor in that when an opportunity to inflict even more pain on our nation cropped up — the riots, looting and protesting all predicated on the myth of “systemic racism” that the left has long used to keep our nation saturated with hate — the academic research, scientific and medical community all came out and said AKSHULLY that’s not only okay but encouraged…

Factor it all in, and not for one hot second do I doubt that a handful of these dirtbags who are furious that their ploys aren’t working would 100% kamikaze their careers by falsifying data to make Trump-supporting red states who ignore their fear-mongering appear in grave danger and Trump-hating blue states who embrace their fear-mongering appear to be entirely safe thanks to their submission and obedience.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that if they did pull a stunt like that and were caught for doing so, the media would make sure it was a 1-2 day story at the most and shield the larger “expert” community who stood by and let it happen from any meaningful fallout.

Defeating this influenza

But even if the numbers are real, and honestly I assume they probably are, I say good! As noted many times, we have 2 options for actually defeating COVID-19:

1). A vaccine / cure

2). Herd immunity

And I find it interesting that 2 months ago His Highness Fauci laughed at the idea of discovering and delivering a vaccine within a year or two, but today he’s suddenly promoting the idea that one could actually be right around the corner.

Why would he do that; why the 180-degree shift?

Well, one reason might be because it’s true. Sure. It’s possible.

But another might be because if you really want to string this thing along and drag it out and prolong the pain and hold the spotlight and maintain the power, then at some point you gotta get creative in dragging the people along with you. And as more of us wake up to the fact that we can either 1) stay home and suffer and wait for a vaccine, or 2) just get out there and face this thing so herd immunity can do its work, it’s entirely possible that Fauci deducted it would be more useful to get some false hope going about a vaccine rather than let people keep red-pilling themselves out of their fear-comas.

Because all masks really do is prolong the pain. I don’t know how many times you sanctimonious, virtue-signaling idiots need to hear this: The overwhelming majority of us who are under 65 will either have extremely mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. And once you get it once, you’re protected from getting or spread it again. So getting it is, for the vast majority of us, is a good thing!

We already “flattened the curve.” But as soon as that language became “slow the spread” it became clear to me that what they really meant was “prolong the pain.” Because flattening the curve was about hospital resources. Slow the spread is about nothing more than making sure this thing sticks around with us for a very, very long time.

Purposely “prolonging the pain”

And guess what happens if tens of millions of you idiots are still walking around breathing your own carbon dioxide 12 hours a day in November? Well, we can’t possibly expect scared Americans to go to the polls. Instead, we’ll have to broadly allow for mail-in voting which is so easy to defraud even a Michigan grad could do it.

(Go Bucks!)

They’ve lost my trust entirely. Across the board, they’ve lost my trust. It was cratering and cratering and cratering, and then those idiots put that insanely stupid letter out saying protesting and rioting and looting on behalf of Black Lives Matter is not only okay but good for public health, but literally everyone else must stay home and suffer and if they don’t then they’re basically murderers.

And now the big story is all about the states who obeyed them being heroes and those who didn’t being slaughterhouses. I don’t buy it. And I think the coming months will vindicate me just as much as the last several have.

The carnage simply won’t come.

Meet me back here in 3 months and we can talk about it some more.

But ultimately this is less about speculation that they are falsifying the data and more about their completely depleted credibility along with the media’s who would gladly cover for them if they did. As I wrote back in April, our shift “back to normal” would effectively guarantee a spike in cases. So that part I don’t doubt. (It’s the “OMG that spike means the world is going to end!” fear-mongering that I take issue with.)

And I maintain that a spike is a good thing. And again, feel free to meet me back here — we’ll say in a year — when New York and California are still battling COVID-19 while Floridians and Texans hadn’t even given it a thought in months. Herd immunity is a good thing and it’s our only real option to truly defeat a novel virus like this one. A vaccine would be great but there are no guarantees that we’ll find one ever let alone quickly, and the idea of sitting around watching mold grow on our nation and everyone in it while doing our best to prevent herd immunity all in the name of staving off a virus that will ultimately have a death rate that’s statistically on par with the flu — is insane.

And I’m done doing it.

Not gonna happen

So to all the media and members of the academic community who, in service to the leftist agendas, demands I live in fear and remind everyone else how afraid I am by wearing a mask so we can all be scared, angry, and sanctimonious virtue signalers who exist in perpetual subservience to our allegedly expert betters — not gonna happen. You’ve depleted any shred of credibility you once had and I now doubt literally everything you say and all of your motives for saying it.

Noble as you wrongly think it is — your legacy from the modern era will be, in the name of leftist social and political engineering, bastardizing math and science down to a subjective nub and disgracing the institutions we once relied on for our most critical and progress-inspired information.

If that’s what you idiots were going for, congratulations: you nailed it.

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