Imagine your day without…

Imagine your day without…

Here is a great exercise for everyone in Hoboken (and beyond).

It involves a few statements – that you should allow your imagination to take you down a path. It’s sometimes called “free thinking.”

To put yourself in a scenario – and allow your thoughts to put the pieces together. You often can become emotionally affected – in both good and bad ways.

Give it a try!

imagine your life without - Imagine your day without...

1. Imagine your day without your phone

A great majority of people have made their “smartphone” integral parts of their lives. Dozens of “apps” to “help” them with all sorts of things. On top of the retarded “social media” apps they use to “connect” to the world (whatever that means).

But what if you didn’t have that phone?

What would your life be like? Better? Worse? Useless?

Obviously, life would go on – but how? Without all those inputs and outputs that are received and entered on that device?

Is there ANYTHING you can do on a phone – that you CANNOT do otherwise? If so, what is it? And can you live without it? How did you manage before?

Think it through. Not just for one day – but multiple days. And don’t forget what happened during Hurricane Sandy, either.

life without them - Imagine your day without...

2. Imagine your day without knowledge of the “News”

What would your day be like if you didn’t have access to “news” updates? You know, the “talking points” of the world, so they say.

No local updates. No statewide bullet points. No national alerts. No global issues. No celebrity gossip. No crime stories. No pandemic status reports.

Would you feel out of touch? Would you be more focused on what you want to do? How does knowing what (mostly political) people have to say impact your life?

Do you follow various news stories because it makes you informed?

Or is it just an addiction you subconsciously “feed” every day?

Of course – you’d also probably need to go through Step #1 as well.

news is bad - Imagine your day without...

3. Imagine your day without entertainment or “programming.”

Most people entertain themselves daily. Practically every step of the way.

From pods in their ears to on-demand “binge-watching,” I am fascinated by how few people actually live in the here and now. Their immediate surroundings. Sights, sounds, and smells. Instead, their brain is being “interrupted” by whatever it is they’re voluntarily inputting.

Of course, these days – their “immediate surroundings” is typically other people living in an alternate reality of external entertainment, so that kind of sucks – unless you’re in the wilderness like folks such as Shawn James.

But countless individual’s days are comprised of a staggering number of hours of this “programming,” it’s probably one of there reasons why the country might be struggling right now.

entertainment is programming - Imagine your day without...

Tracking, programming, “analytics”

One of the reasons we strive to opt-out of most of these things – is not because we so-called “hated” them.

We found they didn’t add anything substantial to our lives. Sure, you can say that “being entertained” is something – but is it really? Does having fun or being entertained day after day “add up” like money in an investment fund? Or building a good family? Or adding abilities to your skillset?


It just wastes your time as you get older and older.

Plus – your time in the “digital matrix” will eventually make you a victim of the “data” they have on you. They will get you if they haven’t already. The psychology behind modern programming is beyond the scope of understanding of your average dope. They have no idea what is going on behind the scene.

PS – we still think it is okay to seek out truly informative “infotainment,” but only if it leads to improvement in your lives. Even if it is as simple as better viewpoints of the world. Not everything has to result in immediate action. Some things are truly long-term and take time to cultivate.

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