Certification Guide: Crack Your Microsoft 70-480 Easily with Practice Tests

Certification Guide: Crack Your Microsoft 70-480 Easily with Practice Tests

What are you considering in a career? Is it one where you enjoy what you do? One that pays well and is in demand? Or maybe one where you could make a huge difference in life? For many individuals, an IT career ticks all the boxes and even more.

Although often such great jobs have a lot of prerequisites, some options are the exceptions of this rule. For example, unlike most of the high-paying positions out there, some IT roles may not even require a university degree or a 4-year college degree to begin with.

If this is not convenient, then what is? In this article, we’ll discuss how you can start a career in this fast-paced field by completing your Microsoft 70-480 exam. Remember, this is a popular choice for many candidates aiming for new roles by attaining the associate-level MCSA credential in Web Applications.

microsoft 70 480 exam prep - Certification Guide: Crack Your Microsoft 70-480 Easily with Practice Tests

Microsoft 70-480 Exam Information

The Microsoft 70-480 Practice Test Questions, Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, mostly relates to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 technology and assesses four major skills. In addition to verifying if a candidate can implement Program Flow (25-30%), this test will also confirm if you can implement and manipulate Document Structures and Objectives (20-25%), use CSS3 in Applications (25-30%), and work with Data Access and Security (25-30%). This exam can be taken through the Pearson VUE website at a cost of $165 USD.

Targeted Candidates

Ideally, the 70-480 exam would be a suitable option for IT Developers boasting a minimum of 1 year of work experience within an object-based programming model. These specialists should not only be familiar with the said HTML5 but also be able to work with JavaScript in different software, hardware, and application types. If your ultimate goal is to work as a programmer or an IT Developer, don’t hesitate to get enrolled in this exam visit examsnap.com

Associated Career Track

The MCSA credential in Web Applications is one of the most popular badges that’s exclusively meant for IT Programmers. Earning this Microsoft credential proves your skills and ability to work with the current web applications.

As one of the most rewarding badges for IT Developers, this certification focuses on different technologies including mobile Apps, Visual Studio, .NET, Framework 4.5, and C++.

Exam Microsoft 70 480 - Certification Guide: Crack Your Microsoft 70-480 Easily with Practice Tests

Steps Involved

Earning MCSA: Web Applications is a rewarding path but it also can be challenging. A successful journey, for instance, starts with possessing the required foundational skills which you can gain from Microsoft’s MTA badges.

Then, you should take and pass the required exams. Here, Microsoft offers two options. Firstly, you can take the 70-480 or 70-483 test and then complete your training by sitting for the Microsoft 70-486 assessment.

Notice, that both exams have a registration fee so this fact should make even more important to pass these tests on your first attempt. Further, we’ll observe some of the most helpful study and review materials and the first point is using study guides.

Top Revision Books for Microsoft 70-480 Exam Training

Below, find a few useful training books for the Microsoft 70-480 exam that can be found from reliable websites such as Amazon and the Microsoft Press Store.

  • Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
    This training guide is packed with useful exam content to not only help you ace the test but also make you a competent professional in everyday life. Unlike most revision books out there, this guide packs practice questions, lessons, and exercises that are all geared towards distinction.
  • Exam Ref 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
    Exam Ref 70-480 represents Microsoft’s premium study materials and reinforces the knowledge required to pass your exam. While most preparation books focus on your theoretical knowledge, this guide also emphasizes important practical skills to help you alleviate anxiety and prepare adequately for the test. Thus, this guide will assume an industry-specific approach to ensure that the knowledge gained from 70-480 exam is applicable to most of the real-world scenarios you’ll come across.

Other Study Options for 70-480 Exam

Before scheduling any certification exam, it helps to explore all its details on the vendor’s website. Also, there you’ll find some official preparation options. For instance, for the Microsoft 70-480 exam, you may want to jumpstart your training using an instructor-led approach. Enrolling in this course you’ll validate your technical skills and get all the questions answered by experts.

Furthermore, candidates can always strengthen their knowledge by taking self-paced training or using the official practice test. In this case, knowing the probable questions and their types will not only fill the knowledge gaps and show what topics you need to review but also will boost your confidence in taking the real assessment.

Extra Tip for Microsoft 70-480 Exam Prep

Is there a better way to get ready for a certification exam than taking a trial test that’s designed in the most genuine testing format? Exam-labs.com views exam preparation as an important step in your certification journey and provides effective training materials like exam dumps, study guides, and training courses to help you achieve better scores in the end.

There’s no denying that verified exam questions and answers can help you register a high score in the test. If you are prepping for you Microsoft70-480, you may want to use Exam-labs’s Premium Bundle($59.99) which includes all the three types of the mentioned resources to build stamina and lessen exam phobia. If you’re on a tight budget, there are also free files that you can use to prepare for 70-480 assessment.

Practicing with exam dumps will help you highlight important knowledge areas and the weak points that may require your attention. Also, don’t forget to install the ETE Exam Simulator to train in the exam-like environment including the opportunity to set deadlines to your mock tests and get detailed score reports.

microsoft 70 480 exam - Certification Guide: Crack Your Microsoft 70-480 Easily with Practice Tests


Goal-setting is an important strategy adopted by highly effective individuals. And if your goal is to enhance your professional development, it will be a great choice to earn an IT certification. With the MCSA credential in Web Applications, you edge a step closer towards assuming well-paying IT jobs in the Web Development field. If you are eager to make important career changes that will help you fulfill your dreams, ace the Microsoft70-480 exam today with exam dumps and become a demanded team player!

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