Really, what happened to critical thinking?

Really, what happened to critical thinking?

We won’t bore you with a 4,500-word “diatribe,” but we are once again astonished at what we like to call the “human condition.” Another way of saying it is the lack of critical thinking abilities, as well as completely malleable people!

But we suggest you read this in full (760 words, about a 3-minute read).

And of course – the big bad one, “fear.” How fear sells more than anything in this world.

“Truth” is not even on the radar, all things considered.

covid critical thinking

The latest global fear is changing everything!

When we see regular humans FEARING to be next to anyone else it’s gotten out of control. With zero fact-checking other than looking at completely unverifiable “charts” on your stupid fucking smartphone or idiot box.

We now see “snitchers” (and “Karens”) getting bent out of shape with this social distancing nonsense.

People are literally going at it – but sort of not. It’s kind of funny. They cannot physically fight you (because they’re afraid) – and all they have is their stupid cell phones (posting “shaming videos” and other nonsense), or calling 911. Even the cops are getting sick of this shit.

But do you recall the other ideologies that came prior to this?

If you can “connect the dots,” there are many sort-of similar things that have happened recently in the past 10-20 years. In no particular order – here are just some of the other social issues that may (or may not) have contributed to this crazy time we live in:

  • Demonizing smoking. When we moved to Hoboken, you could smoke in a bar – no one cared. Today? People get mad if you smoke in your own apartment – or even outside!
  • The environment. This includes almost everything. From recycling. To what kind of “car” you use. To “renewables” or other garbage they peddle. Are you beginning to see how they practically recruited people for this pandemic?
  • The vulnerable. You know the drill. Handicapped (oops, not PC, I meant “disabled,” oops wrong again, “physically challenged”) people. Minorities. Gender issues (i.e., mental dysfunction), homeless, and the worst: “Refugees.” It became a thing that no one could speak critically-against. BY DESIGN.
  • Charities. Same thing. Desperate pleas. Good marketing. (Psychological manipulation is more like it.) Again, another way to “virtue signal” that is a “win-win” for the “useful idiots” out there. Number one – you get “kudos” on your social media. Number two – who is going to call you an idiot for being suckered into an emotional cause? Well, we would – but then the social media mob would ostracize whoever has the balls to call you out on your bullshit. A very vicious cycle. THIS IS HOW YOU DIVIDE SOCIETY – with soft subjects like this that are very polarizing.

There are so many more (thousands)- that I cannot even begin to scratch the surface. But there is a collection of others that probably dwarf them all:

Yep, MAINSTREAM. A good chunk of this long-term “mental reprogramming” of society, we believe, has come from anything mainstream media. And not just the “news” – but every network or cable channel, movie studio, magazine, popular website, sports league, or celebrity social media account.

From “4am talking points,” to bizarrely co-ordinated trends, to sudden important topics that came out of nowhere – it’s utterly disgusting. It makes us glad we TOTALLY UNPLUGGED many years ago. You gotta still see the 30,000-foot view – which is fine but don’t get “hung up” in fighting the low-hanging fruit battle.

Help yourself today – find alternatives

For anyone that ran around scared. Or for anyone else felt “virtuous” for wearing a mask. Or even more importantly – for anyone that literally YELLED AT or “snitched” on anyone people not wearing masks or “disobeying” the retarded “social distancing” decrees from this liberal cesspool – do yourself a favor.

Get some help. Find the truth. Go on “alternative” sites. Find a red-pilled person somewhere. Maybe someone you “blocked” years ago because they rattled off truths that you couldn’t tolerate.

Apologize – and have them lead you towards the right path. Educate yourself. Don’t believe everything – but at least learn how to question. Ask “Cui Bono?” (who benefits?)

This WuFlu didn’t kill the world. Sure, on paper – it looked like a fairly tough virus compared to other so-called “known” viruses (so we are lead to believe). But PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE GREEN SLIME ON THEM THAT WILL KILL YOU ON CONTACT.

And that is what people seem to believe.

You might be better off getting this flu eventually. Immunity is a good thing.

Washing your hands and ingesting zero germs will eventually be the cause of your demise. How ironic.

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