Public Hand Washing Stations – NOW!

Public Hand Washing Stations – NOW!

This stupid pandemic is the most hypocritical thing ever. You have the moronic “mayor” Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla mentioning “social distancing” at least 10 times each retarded daily release he sends out.

Yet he “praises” the protestors – and just “urgently,” says “get tested!” What he should have said was “YOU VIOLATED THE FUCKING SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES, ASSHOLES!”

But he couldn’t – because that would make him a “hater.”

See how this circular logic works?

public hand washing stations hoboken NOW

Anyway – considering the bogus health requirements that have been falsely introduced into our culture (forget getting germs and developing anti-bodies!), we now have an obsessive-compulsive OVERLY clean society. (And by the way, more people will get sick – guaranteed!)

But with that being said – don’t you think communities like Hoboken should have PUBLIC SINKS AND SOAP on every single block?

They used to have drinking fountains in every city. But they were all removed – because they were “unsanitary.” But those same pipe connections could easily be retrofitted to have PUBLIC HAND WASHING STATIONS. Of course, they need “automatic” anti-bacterial soap dispensers at each one.

As much as these talking heads spew nonsense – they rarely come up with good ideas that can help society.

Fuck them to hell. Vote this scumbag out of office and get a more traditional “mayor” for this town – who fights for small business and a free-market economy.

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