Social Distancing = mental programming

Social Distancing is a fraud – you know it – but you’re afraid to admit it publicly

We’re not going to get into the fraud that “social distancing” is. It’s a freak show that sadly way too many people bought into.

And you know for sure – that many people silently think it is nuts too – but they go along like lemmings. Afraid to “revolt.” A country filled with weak sissies.

It should bug you when SJW’s like Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla issues daily memorandums to the public – and includes the phrase 10 times in one letter!

Here’s a recent example of this psychological classic:

social distancing memo hoboken ravi bhalla

This social-control is ludicrous. One of the many reasons it’s dumb includes preventing herd-immunity. And of course the tyrannical measures from these people who are in effect YOUR employees. That is, of course, whether anyone anywhere can independently verify ANY of the data coming from ANY government or health institution.

Like we said – we have not and will never wear a mask because they tell us.

The only time we wear a mask is when doing woodwork like sanding, etc. Because that is common sense.

social distancing fraud

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