On Pandemics

Just some food for thought as we “live” through these so-called “uncertain” times.

coronavirus - On Pandemics

On Pandemics

Post by Skyler J. Collins

96% of positive coronavirus cases were asymptomatic across 4 US state prisons, according to research by Reuters.

I’d heard previously that asymptomatic persons numbered 50-70% of positive coronavirus cases. If most people who get the virus never show any symptoms, and if total case mortality is well below 1%, is COVID-19 really a pandemic?

A better question: is something a “pandemic” just because some people who call themselves “government” say its a pandemic? Hardly. Governments make up names for things all the time, and then use those made-up names to justify their authoritarian behavior. Such is Standard Operating Procedure for legal mafias the world over. And that’s today’s two cents.

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