Non-stop Covid-19 – what else do you engage in?

Non-stop Covid-19 – what else do you engage in?

For real everyone – think about it! For the last month or two – all everyone talks about is “Chinavirus” or whatever this is.

All of America (and likely the rest of the world) has been bamboozled into just talking about this so-called “virus.”

Despite the fact that this version of the “flu” (it is a version of the flu) doesn’t seem statistically different than many other cases of flu.

In fact, it’s a lot less than other big pandemics of the past (i.e., Spanish Flu).

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WHAT IF: The reporting just miraculously “changed?”

We’ve had many “dangerous” flu-like issues in the past. Or at least that is what we’ve been told. You remember them:

Swine Flu. Avian Flu. H1N1 Flu. Zika Virus. All those and many others.

Those “dangerous” flu-scare stories didn’t cause panic.

They didn’t make people wear masks.

The media didn’t report each death (Thanks, Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla).

In fact – so many deaths happen every day, every year – but they are not “reported” like this.

That is something a critical-thinker should comprehend.

They are now talking about each death – and creating a scary “chart” people can look at.

(Don’t forget the plethora of stories that are circulating how “regular” deaths are now just being attributed to COVID-19 “just because.” i.e., healthcare facilities get 3x the “reimbursement” from insurance for those kinds of deaths…)

It just appears that the WAY they tell the stories (well-coordinated) has changed profoundly.


What will this be when the dust settles?

We for one, think this will go away eventually. This massive “scary” social conditioning experiment will fail.

Don’t forget – FEAR is the most effective way to influence a large mass of people.

It’s a fact.

We see people driving in their cars with fucking masks on. What does that tell you?

It tells you that this media hype has led people to believe there is some kind of massive green poison cloud hovering around at all times. And they are fucking scared. Seriously!

Those Swine Flu or Zika scares didn’t affect anyone. No one cared! Why?

Go back to your life

Everyone in the world (who wasn’t consuming commercial garbage or games) had “interests” or whatever you want to call them.

Most of those basically stopped due to this “pandemic” of minimal impact.

People who used to like whatever it was (habits, interests, hobbies, topics) should get back into them STAT! Stop hanging on every COVID0-19 story!

Pretend this bogus pandemic didn’t exist!

Remember the number of people that get flu-like sicknesses, especially with “pre-existing” conditions. Lots of them die each and every year. It’s sad!

Get healthy. Get off the sugar and carbs.

Some people say the “virus” cannot be stopped via any mask or “face-covering,” so what does that tell you? Is it a way to see if how effective social-conditioning is? What’s the point? This whole “social distancing” thing is bothersome to us. It’s way too new – and the societal disruption is not sustainable whatsoever. We cannot become Japan. It’s all based on fear – and has no medical foundation. (i.e., we have immune systems!)

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