Step by Step Writing Coronavirus Research Paper

Step by Step Writing Coronavirus Research Paper

The need to write a scientific article among students often causes panic, which is associated with a lack of knowledge about this work. Meanwhile, if you know all the conventions, rules and techniques adopted in the scientific community, then such activity ceases to seem something very complicated. When you are making a step in writing a research paper on coronavirus, you will need to study existing information and facts well in order not to misinform your readers.

coronavirus research paper - Step by Step Writing Coronavirus Research Paper

A research paper typically includes:
– annotation;
– introduction;
– research methods;
– main results and their discussion;
– conclusion (conclusions);
– list of cited sources.


  1. Title (title) is a very important element of the article.

By name teachers and readers judge all the work. Therefore, the title of the article should fully reflect its content. It will be more correct if you start work on the title after writing the article, when you caught the very essence of the paper, its main idea. Some authors prefer to work on the title of the research at the beginning of the work, but this is subject only to experienced researchers. In any case, remember that a good research work title is already half the battle. Since the topic of coronavirus is now extremely relevant, you should first determine what exactly you want to describe about this disease, and then choose the right name for your work.


  1. Annotation.

In fact, this is an extended title of the work. Here you write about the content of the research. It is worth explaining what you consider the most basic in your work. The greatest impression of your research depends on this part and it is better that it be positive, otherwise, the reader may not want to continue reading it.


  1. Introduction.

Here the relevance of the issue is under consideration (what are you considering and why?) And the novelty of the work, if the volume of the article allows, you can specify the purpose and objectives of the research, and well-known ways of resolving the issue and their shortcomings should be justified. If you are not sure how to write it, contact a professional research paper writer from Edubirdie to help you with your introduction part. Online paper writing service can help you with other parts of your research work too. But given the great resonance about coronavirus in all informative sources, you can easily find what to write in the introduction.


Here you should write about why your work is important now. The situation with coronavirus is not over yet and the need for your work will be highly appreciated. Write about how the results of your work can affect the solution of important scientific and practical problems.

The novelty.

Write how the results of your research differ from existing ones.


  1. Goals and objectives of the research.

When you choose a topic, it is important to define your main goals and set them as the basis for your work. Research always has an idea that is always devoted directly to research. In order not to spend a lot of time searching for a goal, just think about what you want to create/get in the end. This may be a new development of a methodology to protect against coronavirus, classification of the disease, new versions of known data, and so on.

coronavirus research paper 2 - Step by Step Writing Coronavirus Research Paper


  1. Tasks.

Here, as a rule, specific or more specific goals are written. The goal, like a fan, is deployed in a set of interconnected tasks. For example, if the purpose of the study is to develop a methodology for the optimal organization of the educational process under quarantine due to coronavirus, then this goal may involve the following tasks:

  • Determine and justify the optimal duration of classes for each student group;
  • To carry out the adjustment of curricula in connection with the general reduction of study time;
  • Master the methodology of teaching intensification with teachers in the conditions of 90, 85- and 80-minute classes;
  • To identify the dynamics of overloads of students engaged in the five-day school week, as well as the dynamics of health characteristics, etc.


  1. The main part.

It includes the study itself, its results, practical recommendations.

In the work devoted to experimental (practical) research, the author is obliged to describe the experimental technique, evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of the results. If this is not done, then the reliability of the presented results is doubtful. Reading such an article becomes a waste of time.

You should remember that the main thing in the study is the presentation of the results of the work and their explanation. Here you need to present the results in a visual form: in the form of tables, graphs, charts.


  1. Finale.

It contains a brief statement of the results obtained during the work. In conclusion, as a rule, the author of the study summarizes the results of understanding the topic, conclusions, generalizations, and recommendations that arise from his work, emphasizes their practical significance.


  1. Conclusions.

In the case of writing work on coronavirus, three to five conclusions, valuable for science and production, obtained as a result of several years of work on the topic are enough. Conclusions should be of the nature of theses.


  1. References.

This is a list of books, magazines, articles with basic data (place and year of publication, publisher, etc.).



Any work requires an in-depth study of the topic and the search for reliable information so as not to lead people into a panic. Check all the facts carefully to make the right conclusions.

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