Coronavirus – Really. What are the “what if’s?”

Coronavirus – Really. What are the “what if’s?”

Do you ever wonder about the “what if’s?” about this so-called global pandemic?

corona virus black and white - Coronavirus - Really. What are the "what if's?"

Just a few questions:

  • Why is so much information being peddled about it – if it’s just a relatively new virus? How do they know enough about this so-called contagion to be reliable? Doesn’t research usually take many years to come to reliable conclusions?
  • What if it’s a way to “off” a percentage of the population? How do you know you’re not being “put to death” inside these hospitals?
  • Do you think that “fear” is one way to “nudge” people in one direction or another?
  • How much financial influence (Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer) is being pushed? Can this scary instance “boost” the economy?
  • What is the purpose of shutting down both the economy as well as physical interaction?
  • How much of what you “read” is true? Especially if you have zero interaction with this? How can you trust anything? How does fear play into what you read and believe?

I don’t know – and I think these questions are valid. How can ANY of you provide true validation to what you have “read?”

This is exactly why the mainstream media is being chastised at the moment. Because who exactly, is “vetting” this whole crisis? I’m not saying it’s a reason to be lackadaisical – but at the same time, where is our bonafide (and verifiable) proof?

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