Be aware of liberal cities like Hoboken, NJ and more

Be aware of liberal cities like Hoboken, NJ and more

We’re very interested in how “demographics” work. Specifically, the high-density places in NJ such as Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, and others like Morristown and Red Bank (among others).

What we are fascinated by, is how particular “politicians” gain popularity (or at the very least “get elected.”)

And of course, how the general discourse follows as a result.

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Political Talking Points: Step 1

It’s obvious, that when a “politician,” such as Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla gets into the forefront – their ideological platform is crucial. They have to have an appeal to the “people.”

But what is interesting is the “timing” of it all. They have all sorts of words, sayings, memes, and other selling points. Like trying to be the best “object” that appeals to consumers. And those consumers are YOU the people.

Naturally, things like capability or experience don’t really carry much weight, do they? Like what “experience” did bonehead Bhalla have? None, really. Other than his corrupt legal dealings.

He also had the retarded “ethnic” background that sad sacks in Hoboken felt inappropriate guilt for, for some odd reason. “Oh, he’s some immigrant or foreigner – let’s be sympathetic” or whatever.

Step 2: Take power, then inflict change

Then, as the bare majority of the dumbasses in Hoboken vote this dickhead into office – the “slow boiling of the frog” commences.

This is why there are “bans” on utterly stupid shit as what fucking bag you can have at the local supermarket.

If any of you truly believe this is a “good” thing, then you should just jump into the Hudson River. Do us all a favor.

These are all coordinated political actions. Whether they are their own ideas or otherwise. There is some other sinister act at play here.

Hoboken will soon have a speed limit of ONE MILE PER HOUR. Yes, that’s right. Before you know it – cars or any other vehicles (pedestrians included) will no longer be “permitted” to travel more than 1mph. Do you think that is impossible? Don’t be so confident.


Once all of you pussies bow down to you dumbass “mayor,” you’re just going to get more and more fucked.

After all those “bans” go into place, expect many more “bans.”

What might they be? We can think of some that may come to fruition.

  • Bar hours might be reduced.
  • Smoking might get banned in your own home.
  • Driving past 3am might be restricted.
  • Talking at all.
  • Eating meat.

We could go on.

How to know

For one, I’d recommend ANYONE that is still living in Hoboken, consider their future.

If you own your property – think about selling. Re-located elsewhere, where the local government is much less intrusive. Those options are rapidly dwindling.

At the very least – find your own “slice” of land that costs less. If you need “city living,” then I cannot offer advice. While we understand the appeal of it – we don’t think it makes sense.

I know a good portion of Hoboken (at least 30%) is NOT liberal. They don’t want socialism. They want what they own – and at very little cost of ownership. But rising property taxes, and other bullshit from the so-called “government” is unattractive. They take their resources elsewhere. I see it every day.

We’re very concerned about the direction of this city of Hoboken. In reality, we think it is doomed. It’s been on the doomed list for a while. And frankly, we don’t see this “doom” as being amicable. It’s going to be ugly.

So our recommendation is to leave. If you haven’t planned yet – seek out places that are less populated. Don’t pick locales based on how many Starbucks. I could go on – but I think you get the drift. Also consider property taxes (ransom) on your home – it’s a big deal.

Hope you make the right choice!

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