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Uptown Realty for Rent in Hoboken, NJ

Another “Realtor Shuffle” in Hoboken. Just the way Coldwell Bankers is moving a few blocks north, the folks at Uptown Realty also have their spot for rent (a cool $8,000 a month).

Not sure if they’re looking for another spot – or just closing down? Either way, they seem to have an older website, and only a few properties up for sale. Regardless – another place will eventually take this spot. The ever-changing Hoboken landscape!

Uptown Realty Hoboken NJ for rent where are they going - Uptown Realty Inc

Description: Real Estate Agents. Offering properties like rentals, condos, brownstones, and investment.
Online: hobokenuptownrealty.com
Address: 117 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 656-8100, Fax: (201) 656-7378

Uptown Realty in Hoboken NJ back in 2006

Uptown Realty - Uptown Realty Inc

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