IT Careers with Cisco Certifications

How Can You Land Your Career in IT with Cisco Certifications and Are Exam Dumps Worth Using?

The Information Technology field is one of the most popular in the NYC tri-state area. Below are some tips to help those advance in possibly higher-paying positions.

cisco certification CCNP CCNA Hoboken NJ - IT Careers with Cisco Certifications

Career in IT

IT has become part of our daily lives, communication, shopping, financial transactions, etc. are digitalized. The IT industry has become the driver of the world’s economy and is growing rapidly day by day. There’s plenty of space and scope to enter the field of IT and is rewarding in terms of economy but with the competitiveness, the demand for skilled and certified individuals is rising. That is why it’s important now to earn an appropriate credential to become more visible and desired for employers. And one of the most recognized companies that provide certified IT specialists is Cisco 200-301.

What is Cisco as a vendor?

Cisco is the pioneer in the networking world. Its products and services have received a lot of recognition over the past few decades and Cisco has continued to establish its position in the global market. This reputable company has innovated and brought about multiple developments in the fields of networking, cybersecurity, and communications. Also, Cisco is a renowned host of multiple services including training and events.

Cisco Training and Certifications

As Cisco is widely adopted by tech companies worldwide, employers are keen on selecting the best individuals to successfully implement, run, and maintain these services. Cisco’s training programs are one of the most popular methods among employers for equipping their team with the best and latest knowledge of Cisco technologies.

This company is also popular among professionals and individuals who are looking to enter the IT sector as a vendor-specific certification provider. Cisco products cater to technologies such as Cybersecurity, Networking, Software, Cloud, etc. Its certifications encompass all major technologies under the Cisco corporation and available for all knowledge levels from entry, associate, professional, to expert and architecture. Note, that in February 2020 Cisco is upgrading its certification program and most credentials will be modified. For more details, check the vendor’s website.

Why get certified by Cisco?

If you are someone looking to step into the IT sector or a professional who wants to move up the hierarchy of your company by expanding your skillset the best way is to get accreditation by a trusted company. Below are some reasons why you should choose Cisco to get your skills validated.

  • Cisco is amongst the top in the tech industry. The widespread use of its products and the latest innovations reflects through its certification and training programs. Hence, achieving a Cisco certification portrays your competency at the industry level and opens up lucrative job opportunities.
  • Variety of certifications according to levels and domains. The credentials are available in such popular domains as routing and switching, cloud, security, collaboration, design to mention a few. You can start from the very beginning of the CCENT level, then move towards CCNA, CCNP, and become a real expert by earning a CCIE badge. Cisco gives you the versatility of designing your career pathway by pursuing different certifications to suit your needs and interests.
  • Getting a higher salary. According to a survey conducted by Global Knowledge, the salaries of certified professionals surpass the salaries of non-certified staff. 52% of the professionals surveyed said their expertise is more sought-after within their organization upon achieving certification. So you should not be hesitant to invest time and money in qualifying for accreditation from an organization like Cisco.
  • Cisco offers a lot of flexibility for learning modes. You can opt for the classroom training with qualified instructors, choose to follow at your own pace self-learning resources, or visit the Cisco Press website to find the best books for your certification exam. It doesn’t matter how busy your lifestyle is, you can find the option that is the most convenient for you.

cisco CCNA - IT Careers with Cisco Certifications

Top 3 most popular Cisco Certifications

  • CCNA Data Center: this associate certification is regarded as one of the most sought-after by specialists who want to start or upgrade their career at a data field. Having this credential, you can apply for such job positions as Data Center Manager, Data Center Technician, Presales Systems Engineer to mention a few. The latest statistic of the website shows that the average annual salary for a professional with the CCNA Data credential is $77k.
  • CCNP Routing and Switching: this credential is one of the most in-demand nowadays and opens a way to build a successful career in networking. It’s of the professional level and qualifies you for the position of network engineer. To get this badge a candidate should already be CCNA R&S certified and successfully pass 3 exams. If you are the owner of the CCNP R&S certification you can earn an average salary of about an average salary of $94,000 according to
  • CCIE Security: this badge is a real mark if you have it on your list of credentials, as it’s of the expert level. It is recommended for specialists with 3–5 years of working experience. Some job roles that directly use this certification include security analyst, security engineer, security architect, network engineer, and system administrator. The average salary for a CCIE Security certified professional is about $124k as reported by

Exam Dumps to prepare for Cisco certification exams

To earn certification by Cisco you are required to take the recommended exams. The number of exams depends on the level of your credentials. To ace the tests many candidates use exam dumps for preparation. These files have grown in popularity over the past decade especially because of ease of access to a relatively high quantity of real exam questions and answers. Some services offer valid and proven exam dumps, and one of these resources that are well worth mentioning is ExamSnap.

The ExamSnap platform offers two types of good quality exam dumps. Free variants of such files are uploaded on the website by recent exam takers and paid ones are usually checked by IT experts and known as premium files. For example, for the Cisco CCNP R&S certification, the Premium Bundle includes a premium file, a training course, and a study guide for each of the three required tests (300-101, 300-115, and 300-135). In any case, dumps help candidates to test their knowledge and identify the topics they should focus on during preparation.

All of the exams offered by Cisco are computer-based hence it may not be straightforward to practice in a similar interface. Exam dumps provided by ExamSnap are in the VCE format and can be opened in the VCE Software. Through this simulator, the user can receive an exam-like experience and thus be able to better adapt to the interface and conditions that he/she is likely to face. As this feature gives certain relief from stress for the test takers ExamSnap has become a highly demanded resource over the past few years.


The name Cisco stands high in the world of networking. Its solutions have become renowned globally and are used by major tech companies to improve productivity and enhance overall performance in their systems. Getting your skills assessed and approved by Cisco is an asset you can effectively use to promote yourself in the IT industry.

To gain the certification of any level or in any domain, you’ll have to pass certain exams, that’s why preparation is a crucial factor. Get your hands on exam dumps by ExamSnap to receive high-quality questions and verified answers corresponding to all certification exams by Cisco. By doing so you too will be able to become part of the Cisco certified community and share the success, rewards, benefits, and opportunities to reach your dream career.

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