Dor L’ Dor Ladies Apparel


Taking the place of the previously doomed Lhea Skincare is Dor L’ Dor Ladies Apparel!

As you can see – the sign says “pre-opening near 9/23/08” (a week from now).

Not sure if it’s the same, but there was a Dor L’ Dor location in downtown Manhattan as well… and a commenter on Yelp said:

“You can get a complete outfit here, including accessories. They have great handbags here as well. (as well as) more handbags, shoes, sneakers and cheap lingerie. You definitely have to be a selective shopper because there are some “disposable fashion” items mixed in the racks.”

Anyone know if it’s the same owners? Has anyone shopped there?


(PS, someone please confirm if I got the location right… I forgot to take a second picture from further away!)

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strange…they just listed this property again on craigslist…i don’t think they are moving into the space


As a non-French speaker, how do we pronounce this? Door la door? If so, not attractive.

Why name places with any sort of trick to pronuncaiation or spelling? I am thinking Qdoba. Gyros? (Kadoba? Yer-os, I know, but most people hurt it by saying “jy-ro”)

Remember the rule: K.I.S.S.