Peper Apparel and Parlor Shoes

12/6/2008 Update:

Peper Apparel and Parlor Shoes have now combined locations and officially opened as of yesterday (December 5, 2008)!!

Located on the corner of 10th and Washington (at the former Yapple’s carrot juice / artificial sunburn spot) – Peper has now transformed the previously gloomy corner with some energized life!

peper apparel interior 2 - Peper Apparel and Parlor Shoes

Peper and Parlor are pumped up!

Owner Anne Bonner had this to joyously say:

“This season we’re dancing in the aisles-our own that is! The newest venture is the combined offering of ALL the clothing and ALL the shoes in ONE space! We’re looking forward to an excellent holiday season with luxurious cashmere from “Line” and “Burning Torch”, great jewelry from local artist, Nancy Green, great giftee things like Envirosax re-usable printed bags for $8.50, printed tights from Look From London for $25,all soy candles for $29, not to mention the SHOES!!! Boots from Frye , and Chie Mihara and so much more. And as always, lots and lots dresses to get you noticed at those parties.

This feels like the home we should be in. I am thrilled to be able to open this fabulous, fun, true destination for fashion! It is the store Peper and Parlor have grown up to be…

Open 7 days a week. Monday-Friday 12-8, Saturday 11-6, and Sunday 12-6 Gift Certificates, shipping, and free gift wrapping available.”

peper apparel new location with parlor shoes - Peper Apparel and Parlor Shoes

Congratulations, Anne!!

See photo gallery of more interior shots after the jump!

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(Peper, continued..)



Just in time for Holiday shopping season, both Peper Apparel and sister store Parlor Shoes are moving to the previously doomed Yapple’s Beach Cafe location on 10th and Washington.

Hopefully, this will end the streak of failed businesses at this corner.

Expected move-in date is sometime in November.

pepper apparel parlor shoes yapples hoboken 2 - Peper Apparel and Parlor Shoes

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009 10:54 am

7/09 Parlor has tons of great stuff – I love the boots and shoes as well as the dresses, leggings, accessories, etc. Very interesting, sexy point of view comes from the clothing that transfers to the wearer. Trust Anne’s recommendations because she has an intelligent, sharp eye for individual fashion, which, for me, is much more stylish and fashionable (and, again, sexy) than simply following what Vogue/Bazaar say.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 3:47 pm

#3:&#4: You are correct. The owner will try and sell you anything. I don’t permit it. I know what I like,what I want and what I can afford. I actually like her. I’ve never found her to be insulting to myself or other shoppers when I’ve been in there. She can be quite overpriced. I’ve gotten good stuff during sales. I bought my first and only leather bag at Parlor a few years ago. I absolutely love it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 1:36 pm

is this a $150 pair of jeans/$300 shoe type store. it gives off every impression it is. wondering if it’s that level of ridiculous or someplace where normal people who like nice things can shop?

Thursday, December 18, 2008 12:46 am

store carries a decent collection of contemporary clothing labels and truly amazing shoes. try shopping when the owner isn’t at the store! she will try to sell you anything to pay her new rent and insult you and other customers while shopping. she is rarely there on Sundays.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 11:17 am

great store better for her.. no need to pay two rents

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