How Hollywood Killed the Hollywood Star

We love this post about Hollywood because it is so honest. Hard-hitting and real. Unlike most of the psychologically-twisted binge-watching, a majority of the populous is engaged in.

The main issue, as always, is that there are way too many lazy, mentally-enslaved morons out there that keep the system alive. Until that changes – this degenerate apparatus will remain.

screw hollywood stars - How Hollywood Killed the Hollywood Star

How Hollywood Killed the Hollywood Star

by Allan Stevo

Some claim the Internet has killed the Hollywood Star. For me it was a little different. What killed the Hollywood Star had to do more with:

The decades of pedophilia controversies,

And the casting couch,

The clearly sick people who end up in Hollywood,

The drugs,

The abuse,

Their annoying belief that I want to hear from them about how I should vote or what causes they support, and the mistaken belief that smug delivery of that data is advisable and effective in moving me to action,

Their insistence in sneaking in those opinions in the most jarring moments, just as I’m about to find some relaxation in the entertainment I’m watching,

And to deliver that belief with such annoyingly arrogant high-mindedness,

Their influence in this regard over the gladiatorial titans of the NFL who I watch for their athleticism, sense of courage, and drive to push the limits of human potential, and who have now started to use their podium as athletes to proselytize to their audience thereby detracting from the experience they peerlessly provide,

Their awful remakes of good movies,

Their tendency to load awful remakes with social justice motifs (another term for the anti-social, anti-justice, pro-oppression movement called Cultural Marxism), motifs that are as enjoyable as the sensation of a mushy paper straw dissolving in your mouth as you try to sip the entire drink before the straw totally dissolves on you as you walk through the more-billionaires-per-capita financial corridor of San Francisco, trying to avoid coming in contact with excrement and spent hypodermic needles on sidewalks, which are merely a few of the many indicators of human misery that Hollywood’s high-minded liberal policies help give rise to,

  • Their total comfort with propaganda,
  • Their use of film to engage in an arms race for what film can be more shocking,
  • Their use of film to see who can lull the viewer into comfort and to surprise the viewer the most times per movie,
  • Their use of music to falsely build anticipation,
  • Their totally manipulative use of dramatic wide-angle shots in a car when someone is about to be blindsided in that car,
  • Their use of dramatic wide-angle shots in a car when someone is not blindsided in that car,
  • Their total comfort with manipulation, such as those camera angles and surprises,
  • The fact that I can feel my heart racing and my stress levels increase, just by writing these sentences on the topic of manipulative Hollywood techniques,
  • Their carelessness around the important distinction between suspense and manipulation,
  • Their inability to distinguish between values and politics,
  • Their demand that everything be political,
  • Their distaste for middle America,
  • Their comfort with deriding that for which they have a distaste, often with cheap shots,
  • Their unwillingness to know their audience,
  • Their constantly reinforced insulation of themselves so that a connection with an audience member is increasingly hard to accomplish,
  • Their very high ticket prices in the face of immense market pressure,
  • Their lack of economic sense as their audiences dwindle,
  • Their insistence in addressing economic topics without understanding economics,
  • Their lack of recognition for the amazing opportunities that have been handed to them to advance film beyond mere agitprop,
  • Their constant appreciation for low standards,
  • Their contempt for the marketplace,
  • Their control over theaters, allowing them to continue free of competition,
  • Their sincerely prideful and unembarrassed attempts to use the courts to control what I watch,
  • Their leadership in the field of intellectual property, which is the opposite of property rights,
  • Their cooperation with politicians to attempt to forcefully control all other media that could compete with them, and

Their disinterest in and fervent protest against developing new business models, accompanied by their self-righteous insistence on uncreatively relying on a business model that openly depends on the forceful enforcement of those government edicts, and the suppression of the property rights of others in order to function.

And with all of that, realizing that temporarily suspending my disbelief for people like that and then processing for myself what that meant: that I was exposing myself to these people with an uncritical mind for two hours at a time and only afterwards reminding myself what sick puppies so many of them are, how it perverts the mind to allow Hollywood into the space between your precious ears for two hours, and how unpleasant it could be for the globe if someone with access like that had an agenda.

What if many in Hollywood did have an agenda. How bad would that be?

But let’s pretend they don’t, does anyone seriously think Leonardo DiCaprio or Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski have any genuinely useful advice to offer on how to live more virtuously? Can they help you in your pursuit of the truth? Are these the people to turn to for a solid dose or reason and evidence? Is this who you want raising the next generation?

Absolutely not.

I’d be more apt to ask the homeless guy who screams profanities uncontrollably outside of my window at 2 a.m. for advice on life.

The internet didn’t kill the Hollywood Star. The Hollywood Star had it all, they had the attention of a nation – an uncritical devoted attention of a nation – and they destroyed the gift they were given. And I can’t think of a person who I respect who will be worse off for the loss of Hollywood’s influence in their life.

A century worth of quality movies already exist, some of which were not made by total degenerates trying to lecture me. That is Hollywood’s gift to humanity. If another quality movie is ever made In Hollywood I’ll be grateful. If Hollywood sputters out of fuel tomorrow morning and the studios all crash and burn, I may mourn the potential of it all, but I won’t mourn the disappearance of this creepy aberration that has become a net negative for humanity.

Perhaps from its ashes something better rises. And perhaps the sooner such a crash can come about, the better for humanity that may be, as entrepreneurs and artists collaborate to seek to realize even more of that potential contained in the film industry.

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Cary Forbes Benjamin
Friday, April 10, 2020 12:02 pm

Exactly!! Hollywood offers nothing I need.

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