Everyone is a byproduct of what they consume (and their environment)

Everyone is a byproduct of what they consume (and their environment)

Think about it for a minute.

You become what you “consume,” as in what you ingest (food, media, ideas, etc.).

Then you also take those “raw” inputs and fortify them based on external things as well. Your circle of people, family, friends, and strangers. Add to that your social media echo chambers you join. You quickly become close-minded and biased. Look at all those people with TDS as an example.

you are what you consume

Diversify – the real meaning

These days, diversity is all about this bogus SJW nonsense about open borders and other bullshit. What should be the common mindset is diversification of ideas and thoughts.

Understanding the big picture and being less vocal and more observant.

(By the way, diversity in the diet is not such a great idea – as most foods out there are bad, regardless of how nice they look on Instagram.)

Look back at when and how you “changed”

Most people cannot complete this simple exercise. All you need to do is compare your overall “who you are” today, versus how you were 10 or 20 years ago.

If you are honest with yourself, you can see what happened and how. You might need to employ the assistance of an unbiased friend or relative. It would also help if you chatted with people in groups that are opposite of what you believe today. Maybe they can talk some sense into you.

We feel many people became “programmed” mostly due to external influence. Typically the garbage news cycle and other mainstream Hollywood propaganda that has been constantly peddled over the years. When you hear the phrase “fake news” you should pay attention. Most people who literally believe the “news” become uncomfortable with the fact that it is carefully orchestrated to shift public perception. When it is mostly lies or other misinformation. They will then double-down on their beliefs. Happens all the time!

Anyway – that is your food for thought for today.

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