Second Lounge 11 letter to Russo

9/17/2008 Update:

Now residents have begun copying every single council member, as well as City Hall.

Michael Russo responded to one of them:

“I have sent a message to your neighbors already, but want you to know that I am looking into the situation. And as soon as I get all the info. I will let you and your neighbors know what is going on. As in the past, each time there was a concern it was addressed. One of the biggest accomplishents was to require this bar to soundproof at their own expense and to employ additional staff.

If there are other problems I need you to contact me so that I am informed. As you know all issues reported were investigated and resolved.


Added: 4th Ward Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer is now in the mix, saying “I will coordinate with Councilman Russo, my Council colleagues on the Quality of Life Committee and the Administration to address the concerns raised by the community.” She also added more about a possible noise inspection on weekends, and what can be done to prevent incidents like this past Saturday night.


Another Hoboken411 reader sent a letter to Michael Russo about the recent incidents at Lounge 11.


Please help fix the problem Mr. Russo!

“Mr. Russo,

My wife and I recently moved within Hoboken right next door to Lounge11. What a mistake. This past weekend we hosted a family reunion and woke up Sunday morning around 2:30 AM to my sister yelling to me that a riot was happening in front of our apartment. Outside I witnessed a violent crowd of around 50 people, about a dozen of which were fighting. One person quickly ended up face down in the middle of the street and several continued to beat this unconscious man. After about 10 minutes, five police cars arrived and everyone but a few disappeared. Attached are photos of the blood on the street and sidewalk outside my apartment.

I am deeply embarrassed by this event as it blatantly contradicts my claim to my family that Hoboken is a nice town to live in. The crowd that Lounge11 attracts on Friday and Saturday nights are not from Hoboken. This is not the normal drinking crowd that visits Hoboken either. These patrons are upscale thugs. I even witnessed patrons posing for photos in front of the fighting. How classy. A neighbor reported to me they witnessed a patron punch and dent a car hood within the last few weeks…


(More letters to Russo, continued…)

“The Hoboken Police Department should recognize this special risk tucked away in what is supposed to be the back quiet residential parts of Hoboken. The police would be wise to station a patrol car in the street by Lounge11 when it closes on the weekends to help disperse the crowd. I know that they have to watch the entire town, but this place is higher risk than most other late night establishments in Hoboken.


As the summer draws to a close and weekend crowds return from the shore, this risk will only increase without mitigation. This is not the first time that we have been disturbed by the large rowdy crowds that assemble near the corner of 5th and Madison when the club closes at 2:30AM. I hope that with your help and leadership it may be the last.”

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I believe it was this past May I was assaulted by lounge 11 employees and I think one of the owners. They beat me up knocked me unconcious with a mag light, stripped me naked, and through me into the street. I was there with a group of professional people who do not cause trouble. The incident started when I was asked to leave and I respectfully replied that I was not going to leave without my girlfriend (who was already injured on the dancefloor about an hour earlier) After that the beating began. I was then transported to the hospital by ambulance. The police conducted an ivestigation and I hope they get shut down. These people are retards. They are dangerous not in a scary way but in a stupid way. Someone is going to get badly hurt in there. I just hope something is done about it before that happens.


[quote comment=”106294″][quote comment=”106287″]Biffy if you went outside Lounge 11 on Sat night you would have been beaten to the ground. There is no way taking the law into your own hands could have helped in this situation. It was a riot no lie…a seriously dangerous brawl where bouncers from the club were kicking kids in the face who were lying on the ground bleeding and half conscious. That picture of the blood above is only a very small portion of blood that was all over the street and on neighbors door steps.[/quote]

Did anyone find the Catapult or rocket launcher used in this “war”? bar fights happen people. get the owners to get a few more guys and stay sharper and thats the end of it. be assured things will happen again near any bar. that’s whats bugging me on here, its made out to sound like this place is the only establishment where crap like this happens…..anyone want to start a petition for willies in that case?[/quote]

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Finally, someone with brains!


FYI – Councilman Russo will be hosting a neighborhood discussion for those negatively affected by the noise and street/crowd issues associated with Lounge 11.

The discussion will be attended by Mr. Russo, The Public Safety Director and the Chief of Police (by notice of Mr. Russo’s office).

It will be held at the Russo Civic Association at 8pm this Thursday. The owners of Lounge 11 will not be present.

If you have had any issue with this establishment, this is your time to voice your concern to City Government.

This is a serious discussion for local residents who have concerns with Lounge 11.


[quote comment=”106249″]Wow biffy, you are totally macho and your girlfriend is a real class act. Thank God people like you are out there to protect the buildings we live in. 🙄 🙄 🙄 :roll:[/quote]

I have to say this totally cracked me up. Bravo.


There’s nothing like a good bar room brawl to finish up a night of drinking. This used to be common practice in bars like The Uptown Café and Kelly’s Pub; they were always good for a late night fight. When they start shooting each other then you have a legitimate complaint because as long as there have been bars there have been fist fights in and outside of them and the cops usually just break it up and send you on your way. If they locked everyone up involved in bar fights there wouldn’t be any room for the real criminals (the drunks pissing in the street)!