Tesla Owners Who “Pretend to Save the Environment While Looking Rich”

You know this is true for every Tesla owner in Hoboken and beyond. Pure virtue-signaling BS. “Spiritual Turdery.” How do they react when you tell them the source of the power, or how the batteries are made? Crickets.

tesla ass jp sears

JP Sears Mocks Tesla Owners Who “Pretend to Save the Environment While Looking Rich”

by Courtney Kirchoff

Drive whatever car you want and can afford. I do not care, most conservatives don’t. But do not drive your special electric car thinking you’re saving the planet and are, therefore, better than the rest of us gas-guzzling rubes. Because you’re not better. So sayeth all the pollution emitted into the atmosphere over the mere creation of your electric car and the charging of it. Encapsulating the douche nature of such drivers, especially Telsa drivers, JP Sears, god of satire.

“I’d rather have you think I’m rich and that I care about the environment.”

Now full disclosure, I know two Tesla drivers. Neither one strikes me as particularly environmentally irritating. They just like the car. Fair point. I like it too. It is totally fine to love the Tesla, want a Tesla, and drive a Tesla without being an ass. We good? Excellent.

It’s another more common thing to drive the Tesla simply because one is an ass. In fact, as JP points out in the perfect video above, too often a Tesla is just an extension of one’s spiritual turdery. It’s a new phrase I’ve coined, do you like it?

One who embodies spiritual turdery is one who, firstly, uses “is one” when unnecessary, but also makes rules for others but doesn’t bother applying them to oneself. It’s a phenomenon not limited to Tesla drivers who pretend to care about the environment, but also Prius drivers, only-organic-food-buyers (who take hormonal birth control which they release back into the ground water with their urine streams), and Al Gore.

In summary, just do what you want, pay for it yourself, and don’t be an ass. If you are an ass, maybe do more than just make statements about what you say you’re doing and do a little research about how what you’re doing affects everyone else. Including the planet.

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