Fake environmentalists

Fake environmentalists {to fit in}

We’ve noticed an interesting trend as of late.

fake environmentalists - Fake environmentalists

In reading thousands of articles and interviews each month (across the political spectrum) – certain “tones” sometimes stand out as “out of place.”

And we’ve heard or read enough now to establish a fairly significant trend: People are seemingly talking about their “environmental impact” in an unnecessarily forthcoming way.

It is as if they need to “CYA” in that respect – to either ward off the mob mentality – or to “butter them up” in order to be considered an “acceptable source.” Like a psychological tactic.

But most of the time, to us at least, it appears to be forced. Like they added that information in as an afterthought. To cover their bases. Most often – the subject matter is entirely different, but they just have to make note of some stupid eco-topic. I.e., “I travel the world to give talks, and have bought carbon credits to offset…”

Translation: “We better mention something about our carbon footprint in order to appease the psychopathic fake environmentalists.”

Perhaps it’s a sound business decision in this day and age – as it is almost harmless (just words) – even if you don’t actually do it. What is a little white lie that cannot be “fact-checked?”

But who would feel comfortable pandering to the lynch mob? We’d rather just retire and not bother instead of being phony.

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