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This past weekend, I received a couple emails about Lounge 11, some fights, blood, noise, etc. I have nothing against them per se, have promoted their events and even have a fairly respectable review of the food there.

Unless the readers sent photos, or I heard something similar on the Live Hoboken Police and Fire radio, I didn’t want to publish them. I’m sure there are several neighboring residents that are just plainly unhappy a bar/lounge is near them…

However, I just received a letter that a resident sent to Councilman Michael Russo (copying Hoboken411). In this instance I find it fair to post here:


Do the right thing

“Dear Mr. Russo,

I am writing to you in regards to Saturday night (early Sunday Morning) at Lounge 11.

I am a neighbor to the bar and a brand new resident of Hoboken. I was coming home Saturday night to find spill over from the bar of about 6 people hanging out on my front doorstep. My boyfriend approached the employees of the Lounge who were standing outside to remove the people, so we could get in, to which he replied “my bouncer isn’t here yet.” I find this hard to believe, as it should have been closing time – had they operated all night without security? So we fought our way through the drunken crowd on our door step to get home…. Minutes later there was a blood bath.

I have never seen such a large fight in my life, it was extremely frightening and violent. This worries me about what could or will eventually happen in the future of Lounge 11. Someone could get killed, and in this case, people were really hurt considering the blood stains all over the street. Obviously Lounge 11 can not control their crowd – there are extremely dangerous fights breaking out, people spilling over onto private property and making a ruckus for the rest of the neighborhood. Who knows what will happen next. This place does not belong on Madison street, or anywhere else in Hoboken, actually…anywhere in the country!

It absolutely devalues the community. I urge you to take action on this matter. There are a lot of upset and scared people. I shouldn’t be afraid to return to my home on the weekends because of the situation at the corner bar. It’s disgusting.

I trust you will do the right thing.”

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[quote comment=”105908″][quote comment=”105888″]But, it wasnt a nigtclub when a lot of us bought. It was a quiet restaurant. Either way, there is still the right to say something and affect change. Dirtballs, ruffians and hooligans.[/quote]

Was it also a bar ? or just a restaurant. I doubt the place had a liquor license transferred from somewhere else into that location, I also doubt the city would have allowed it. The bloggers on this site tend to exaggerate and also lie so it’s hard to take everything that’s said at face value. I was barhopping on Saturday night and everywhere I went was mobbed (I also witnessed 2 fights at 2 different places)Looks like the summer is over…[/quote]

I think that technically, it’s still zoned as a restaurant. I lived there before it was Lounge 11 (and after) and I can tell you that people who think that it’s run of the mill disturbances that happen here are wrong. And they’re connected, so the police are reluctant to do anything.


[quote comment=”106005″]I’m sorry Razzles.. were you trying to say something?[/quote]


I’m sorry Razzles.. were you trying to say something?


[quote comment=”105878″][quote comment=”105877″][quote comment=”105810″][quote comment=”105789″][quote comment=”105729″]there might be drunks all over town, but that is not an excuse to act like an idiot and its nothing hoboken residents have to get used to.
In college there was much more drinking than in hoboken….. anyone ever think its the crowd that hangs at lounge 11. 💡 :?:[/quote]
What about the Saint Patrick’s day parade? You want to see drunken assholes at their best? Wait you’re in for a treat. 8O[/quote]

Of course I have seen drunken a holes on st. paddys days and at manny other events, games, concerts, etc etc.
on a normal date, pple should not have to deal with effed up meatheads hanging around their apartment late night.. get a life… a place to go ya know.. oh wait that would be the normal thing to do.. ahh i see ;)[/quote]

you have a problem with the crowd at Lounge 11? do you not even know how to have fun? dont mess with Hobokens best bar in years. In my opinion, Hoboken can use more lewdness, fights, and public drunkenness.

Get used to it or move to Boston or something[/quote]

kooky kat

[quote comment=”105875″]I said it in the other thread (why are there two on lounge 11 by the way??) the solution here is simple: VIDEO!

Video will solve this problem quickly and cheaply.[/quote]

I agree with you evilgenius, the only problem I could see with this is retaliation. (If you tape from your window at home – you’ll be able to tell where the video was taped-and if you tape it outside, well, you run the risk of becoming part of the story!) I think the biggest problem with this place is the unfortunate fact that the owners know people, who know people. I would be concerned that if I sent a video tape into the TV stations, they would know exactly who I was, and that is a little scary!