How to save $10,000 this year

Do you want to easily save $10,000 this year?

We put together a quick list that can easily amount to saving most people at least $10,000 per year. What would you do with the extra funds?

save 10 grand a year - How to save $10,000 this year

1. Switch your cell service ASAP

We use Mint Mobile. Do you know how much we pay a year? $180. Most people pay on average of $100 per month. This would save you $1,000 per year. Plus the freedom from monthly bills! Just one a year! (Note that your data is limited to 3GB a month – which would also help you cut back on stupid cat videos and other bandwidth hogs!)

2. Walk instead of “Ubering”

Uber may be fun to use because of the “app,” but it’s odd because so many people can’t see the free fitness alternative with walking. Easily save $3,000 a year by using your own two feet instead of sitting in some strangers’ car. The 10-15 minutes you “save” is actually 10-15 minutes of lost exercise.

3. Quit the gym

Working out at a gym is a waste of time unless of course you “need” it for IG updates and socialization. Just spend more time physically using your body – and the monthly costs (and associated “accessories” you might buy) can easily save over $1,000 per year!

4. Use rechargeable batteries (AA and AAA)

You can invest $100 in a decent battery charger and a couple of packs of rechargeable AA batteries. They will last you years – and probably also save you $1,000 – especially if you have lots of electronic devices and games.

5. Learn to love instant coffee

Many people go to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts daily. The cost is enormous. Just get some instant coffee. You can make 240 cups of coffee a month for $10. Another $20 for milk or cream. (Remember: Feel-good words like “Artisan” and “hand-crafted” are just “crafty” ways to STEAL YOUR MONEY.) Getting rid of your $10 a day habit at the coffee shop would save $2,500 a year or more! Crafty way to have more money in your hands!

6. Wine and other premium alcohol

There is a bizarre behavior when it comes to products such as wine. So many people believe that paying a premium is better ($20 or higher). It’s not. Sub-$10 wines are perfectly good. Even if you just drink three bottles a week – you’d save $1,500 per year by switching to a lower end wine!

save 20 grand a year - How to save $10,000 this year

Double your winnings to $20,000!

The list above was just a start. You can do many others – such as not eating out at/from restaurants anymore – plus getting rid of subscription TV! You can easily reach $20,000 of savings just by thinking of things you can simply live without.

There are many other ways to “nip and tuck” your monthly expenditures that don’t require that much effort. Just a little self-reflection and introspection – and you’ll find plenty of tricks to stretch your dollars further!

Do you have any good ideas?

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