Why not embracing social media was a sound decision

Why not embracing social media was a sound decision

Back when the Hoboken411 blog was finishing development in 2005, we had every opportunity to get in at the ground-level on every major social media network. You know, the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and every other one of the hundreds that followed.

We were disgusted in the beginning – and still are today.

Was it a bad “business decision” to not dive head-first into those platforms? One could say that. But something way more important happened because of our choice not to blindly join the herd.

choosing no social media

Dabbling here and there – but that’s it

Frankly – we’ve “dabbled” with various communication technologies or social media platforms over the years. Most are either gone today or were bought up by other tech monopolies and dissolved. We never liked how frenetic and disconnected all of it was (and is more than ever.) Anything we do “use” these days is fully automated with no interaction required on our part. Maybe once in a blue moon we’ll check it out. That’s it.

Some people say social media is a “must.” And in many cases, they may be right. A “must” if you want to be a part of the mainstream culture, which, in our opinion isn’t necessarily a good place to be.

Although some top-performers do very well – those streaks are typically short-lived. And the complications and amount of unnecessary work are downright exhausting and costly. And don’t make a mistake – because you will be virtually assaulted by a digital herd!

Not a good way to live, in our opinion.

escaping social media dungeon

A lot of time for who’s benefit?

The problems associated with social media platforms affect both individuals and businesses alike.

For regular people who spend an insane amount of time interacting on these sites (much of the time with “news” items or other societal or political issues), it appears soulless. Non-stop interacting with people in short dribs and drabs of non-contextual conversation. If you even want to call a few words a real conversation.

While I’m sure that there can be some minor benefits – perhaps in the “B2B” world, it still seems to fall short in far too many ways. And we won’t even get into the privacy issues which most of you have to know about (yet still continue using…)

And yes – there are always diamonds in the rough. This is true around the world. There are always all-stars and true benefactors. But it’s like the “top 0.1%.” And very often they’re “chosen ones.”

For the rest of “us,” it is a waste of time and energy.

social media influence

Personal sanity – and mental freedom

Looking back at a decade and a half of social media evolution – we can say that we are truly “free.”

Free from the need to constantly swipe and read. Day in and day out. Hour after hour. Streams of things that will be forgotten moments later.

While many folks may say that this is a necessity in 2020, we don’t care.

What is a necessity for us is to preserve our mental strength and original thoughts.

I like bringing my own ideas to bed – not my phone.

When I wake up – I want only what is on my mind naturally. What I want to do that day. A fresh mind after a restful sleep. Sometimes we don’t even look at email for days. And certainly never at any social media feed. I’m not sure anyone out there can relate to that freedom anymore.

We know people that were in the “thick of things” for a long time and gave it up (which is good.) But it is hard to undo the effects it had on them. Possibly never.


I guess one of the main points is that the way social media interaction affects anyone – is the “TMI” syndrome. Too much information.

And not just too much information, as that can happen to anyone just “surfing the web” via a desktop computer. You can get sucked into hyperlink hell for hours if you’re not clear-minded and have self-control.

But the type of “TMI” that happens on social media is different. It is often fake, or anonymous, or misdirected, or over-hyped. We won’t get into it – but most of it is a giant fake matrix of nonsense. Emotionally triggered and meant to “nudge” people, and much more. Echo-chambers of people angry about things, but probably cannot tell you why or how their anger and strong opinions began. How screwed up is that?

Not the world we want.

no social media

Personal preservation is where it is at

We go through the mental exercises to think about “what if” we did this or that. Such as building stronger social media accounts from the very first days. Certainly, some things might have turned out better. But hindsight doesn’t really matter.

And while our business might have taken alternative courses – we strongly doubt we would have been enjoying our time nearly as much.

We love peace and solitude much more than constant contact. Taking trips or just going for hikes without feeling the need to tell anyone about them. Can anyone even imagine that anymore? Heck people can’t even have a snack or a coffee these days without transmitting that useless data for their circle to see.

In the end – our situation might have been quite different had we took the “other fork” in the road along the way. But we made our decisions based on sound internal feelings. Who likes doing things that go against their moral code?

Just like the phrase “selling your soul to the Devil,” we’re incredibly happy that we did NOT.

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