No more Hoboken food shopping. Hooray! (Plastic Bags)

Take your business elsewhere! {Hoboken Plastic Bag “ban”}

We will absolutely NEVER bring our own bags to the supermarket for everyday shopping. Anyone who does – is a compliant lemming. Obedient slaves. Suckers who have taken the bait, who believe the nonsensical LIE of “single-use,” or any other environmental bullshit. They look like wind-up robots walking into the supermarkets with their retarded bags.

The only time we ever bring a bag (insulated) – is when we have very perishable items (meat) – or frozen items – and we know we’ll be out and about for a while. Just common sense.

But we take our food shopping business to other places outside of Hoboken anyway now. Better quality and more choices! (And free plastic bags!)

Ravi Bhalla Plastic Bag Ban Hoboken NJ

“Pay to Play” Bhalla gets his rocks off telling you how to live

Hoboken “Pay to Play” mayor Ravi Bhalla said:

“The city last year initiated a single-use plastic bag ban. Now, it will institute a full ban on all carry-out plastic bags. So, starting on March 8th, when the law is updated, Hoboken will have one of the strongest plastic bag bans in the entire state, in addition to a ban on all carry-out styrofoam.”

This also translates to: “Fuck you Hoboken residents! I have hereby FORCED you to PAY for your own “single-use” garbage bags – instead of re-using your “single-use” ShopRite bags for garbage!”

Luckily, we were proactive. We took it upon ourselves to use many (MANY) extra bags each time we go shopping. Hilarious, actually. So many in fact, that we have enough free garbage bags for the next several decades. No joke. What peace of mind!

Hoboken social media says Re-usable bags are banned

And did you see Hoboken’s stupid social media image? It seems like they also want to ban RE-USABLE BAGS TOO!

Property taxes are through the roof – and they spend their time with this shit?

stupid plastic ban graphic Hoboken NJ

Use public containers if you can! (at your own risk, of course)

Note that the city not only wants to control how you do your PERSONAL shopping – they also want to dictate what kind of garbage goes in PROPERTY TAXPAYER FUNDED PUBLIC GARBAGE CANS!

Said that out loud: “My property taxes pay for the PUBLIC garbage cans in MY neighborhood – and they want to FINE ME for what kind of garbage I put in them!”

Many people I know are PURPOSELY putting as much personal household garbage in those cans as possible. They belong to the residents. They should be able to use them any way they see fit.

Vote that bonehead out

We hate liberal politicians like Bhalla. Weak in many personal areas of his life – so he (and most other members of the administration) compensate(s) by issuing draconian laws over your commerce choices. Wonder how karma will make an appearance sometime in the future.

Next up is the speed limit.

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