Hoboken Video Flashback: Potholes assault people!

Potholes will be part of Hoboken forever

Today’s Hoboken411 Video Flashback (re-published because that lame video streaming site “Vimeo” removed 800 of our videos) is regarding the age-old problem of Potholes.

It does not matter how much paving happens. Or how many water mains are “fixed.” Hoboken or any other corrupt city in NJ will NEVER have the money or sound decision-making skills to make potholes a thing of the past. They will always be a part of your life.

(Hint: Better paving materials is a good start.)

Anyway – this was a sad video from back oh, eight or so years ago. Some cheerful older woman was milling around during a parade having a gleeful time on Washington Street.

Until she hit an abscess and face-planted on the pavement. If she were just a few years younger, perhaps she would have had the reaction time to prevent the bloody face.

But at least she was served with a stern reminder to never trust the streets or sidewalks of Hoboken.

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