Annual 411 reader survey


Last year, I kindly asked all the readers to participate in a brief couple-minute survey. It’s that time again!

cute puppy hoboken411 survey - Annual 411 reader surveyAs many of you may already know, Hoboken411 started out 30 months ago as an “idea to create something fun and useful for Hoboken”. It has now achieved very significant reader traffic each month. I continue to hope that what 411 has become has provided a good majority of the regular readers at least some kind of satisfaction, fun and usefulness.

With that being said, some of you know that this “job” is my only job. It’s quite a difficult task to do with limited resources, and I feel that I’ve done a pretty respectable job in the last two and a half years. Knowing what this job entails on a weekly basis, you wouldn’t want it, believe me! But it’s my passion, and I forge ahead with optimism and faith.

Additionally, like any media project or publication, I make a living by having sponsors. Any free newspaper, magazine, website or TV show operates in the same manner.

Regardless, one of my sponsor networks has a survey that will help bring more appropriate advertisers on board, as well as possibly create some exclusive relationships with some valuable clients.

If you could be so kind as to take this (short) less than 2 minute survey, I’d be very appreciative. It comes at no cost to you, and will only help me continue providing this service in the future. Please note that no personal information is taken from this, and you should be returned to 411 upon completion of the survey. I’m looking for a couple hundred responses, so the more the merrier!

Thanks again for reading Hoboken411, and I look forward to being a voice of Hoboken for a long time to come!

(Click the link or the banner to be taken to the survey. Thanks!)

411 survey banner - Annual 411 reader survey

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Hoboken411 has been a great source of information, especially regarding local goings on/corruption. While there are many differences of opinion of this site (which makes it interesting, “cause who’d want to live in an area where everyone is the same?), I think most are unified in the disdain for the blatant arrogance and fiscal irresponsibility of our own Tammany Hall. You received the ultimate compliment when Russo et al. were gathered outside of Elysian Cafe one evening a few months ago, and one of them ever so eloquently quipped about their rendevouz, “Good thing Hoboken 411 isn’t here…” The bravado witnessed spoke volumes!


I love your blog and I read it every day. Quite informative and entertaining. I’ve been here since 1984 btw.

I have my own blog, and have been mistaken as the creator of Hoboken411, just by the fact that I have a blog, which is nowhere near as good as yours! 😆


Why not hire some partimers? I’m sure you can get some kids from the Stevens newspaper to help you out with superfluous content on the cheap.


[quote comment=”105665″][quote comment=”105659″]”With that being said, some of you know that this “job” is my only job. It’s quite a difficult task to do with limited resources, and I feel that I’ve done a pretty respectable job in the last two and a half years.”

Want a hug? :mrgreen:[/quote]

Keep up the good work 411, unless someone knows you personally, they probably don’t really grasp all the stuff you have to do on a daily basis.

Wait…Furey does know you…hmmm. Maybe there is some deep seeded jealousy? :twisted:[/quote]

It is jealousy! I wish I could work from home on a blog all day. My point was that he keeps saying how hard he works: (The thread from Oscar)

There was another thread from last week, but it apparently has been deleted.

I have said only 30 times to his face that Hoboken411 is a great site and have done my part to help 411 out, just being just like the color commentator he has been in the past. 🙂