GM Woke {haha!}

When will this insanity stop? My sides hurt! Who buys into this?

electric hummer gm woke 720x360 - GM Woke {haha!}

GM Woke

by Eric Peters

If Bruce can transition into Caitlyn then GM can do basically the same thing – with the difference being Bruce probably paid for his own surgery.

GM is going to want your “help” paying for its transition.

In a few days, you’ll see what you’ll be paying for. The shaved Adam’s apple; the . . . augmentation. And the removal.

Behold!bruce and caitlyn  300x169 - GM Woke {haha!}

The electric Hummer.

It is GM’s virtue-signaling plea for forgiveness. The bad ol’ GM wants you to forget all about those “gas guzzling” Hummers it made back in the early 2000s. It will now make a time-guzzling electric version of the same thing. Which is just as wasteful, by the way – but in a way that’s acceptable today.

But far more obnoxious.

The original Hummer never feigned virtue. It was what it was – and didn’t pretend to be something it wasn’t. This electric Hummer? Could the effrontery be more spectacular? It’s just as large, probably much heavier – as all EVs are, due to its massively heavy battery pack. Which is massively heavy because the massive vehicle it’s powering needs probably three times the power necessary to propel a Corolla-sized car.Hummer2 300x156 - GM Woke {haha!}

And to provide five-times Corolla power.

Is power produced without “carbon”? The power used to extract the materials that go into a twice-as-large as necessary – for basic transportation – electric battery? The power generation necessary to feed a battery that’s three times as powerful as necessary . . . for basic transportation?

How much less is the range because of all that weight? How sooner must the massive battery pack be recharged?

How about those massive tires? Twice – probably three times – as much rubber (made from oil and made using power) as is necessary for tires for basic transportation. How much unnecessary metal, plastic and glass goes into the Woke Hummer?woke 300x169 - GM Woke {haha!}

It’s all very unnecessary … and thus, wasteful. The same opprobrium directed at the original – but with an important difference. The original never presented itself as saving anything. Its wastefulness was honest.

The electric Hummer’s is grotesquely the opposite.

It is presented as the antidote to an alleged problem – “climate change” – which is now alleged to be a “crisis” but plainly isn’t. If it were, something like the electric Hummer – and anything like a Tesla – would be prima facie evidence of lunacy or a species of arrogant indifference that makes driving a 9 MPG gas-powered Hummer seem an act almost worthy of beatification in comparison.

Work it out.Greta 2 300x195 - GM Woke {haha!}

If the “climate” is in “crisis” – that being something very serious and imminent – then there can be no allowance of anything more than the minimum necessary in terms of energy used and carbon produced. An electric Hummer guzzles no gas but it consumes a great deal more in energy and raw materials than is necessary – both to make it and to sustain it. This is a fact, inarguable.

And if the “crisis” is real, it is inexcusable.

Also insufferable.

The Wokebots cheering the performance of EVs – “Ludicrous Speed” in the case of cars and herculean (if short-lived) towing grunt in the case of electrified gigantic SUVs and trucks – are cheering an acceleration of the “crisis” . . . if the “crisis” is real. Use their own logic against them since it’s plain they’re cognitively incapable of noticing their own hypocrisy.

Their own wanton profligacy.Jabba 300x169 - GM Woke {haha!}

If “carbon” is killing the planet then less rather more must be the goal – from everyone. You cannot have your Ludicrous Speed (and 22-inch M/S tires and 6,500 pounds of curb weight) and save the planet, too.

The problem, of course, is that the “crisis” is manufactured . . . a marketing scam designed to restore the status quo ante of mobility unaffordability for the masses, as existed before the equalization of mobility – when cars (as coaches before them) were for the affluent only by dint of the fact that only the affluent could afford them.

Along came people like Henry Ford and Alfred P. Sloan (founder of General Motors) Walter Chrysler and others like that – who made cars for everyone by making cars anyone could afford.Henry Ford2 300x209 - GM Woke {haha!}

Eventually, almost anyone could afford luxury – and performance – which had been the exclusive pleasure of the affluent.

As this columnist has had the bad manners to mention on prior occasions, ordinary people can buy cars that perform in rough parallel – with exotic cars. Are essentially just as luxurious as half-million-dollar cars… for a fraction of half-a-million.

This is a problem for those who regard themselves as exotic.

The Special People.

The EV was created just for them. No sacrifice of performance; indeed, more performance (even if less enduring). And much more exclusivity – by dint of its much higher cost. Which keeps the cattle away. And thereby restores the status quo ante – while allowing the Special People to preen as virtuous.

It is the same sort of virtue as Divine Right – the doctrine which held in times past that other Special People were ordained to rule – and their opulence merely a reflection of their virtue.Barra 300x225 - GM Woke {haha!}

It’s not a coincidence that the electric Hummer is the product of a company run by someone taking home a $22 million paycheck- annually. A sum – adjusted for inflation – that Henry Ford probably never took home or which at least took him more than a year to take home.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a large paycheck – provided it doesn’t require forcible extractions from other people’s pockets.

Hers does.

And her effronterous virtue signaling is cause for ball peens hammers and baseball bats, applied to this electric egregiousness posturing as virtue.

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