Dystopian Garbage Heap {Hoboken}

Garbage Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Hoboken {GOCD}

Gotta love how it drives the city of Hoboken crazy that they have public garbage cans that they cannot monitor 24 hours a day. Totally nuts.

Now they have signs on them that warn residents of putting “residential” garbage in these cans. A fine of $250! Wow, that punishment sure fits the “crime,” right?

Holy micro-management, Batman!

We’re fine with the risk – as they’ll never know. Keep STUFFING those cans if you want! How can they even prove that I didn’t eat those eggs raw during the last block we walked?

Don’t let the warnings scare you. With property taxes through the roof in the Mile Square – you should have every right to each and every single “city service.”

Fuck ’em!

hoboken garbage warnings fine household waste 720x410 - Dystopian Garbage Heap {Hoboken}

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