Fructose: Causes high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity!

Fructose is the common link in high blood pressure, insulin resistance, T2D, & obesity

Below is a MUST HEAR podcast about fructose – one of the many “sugars” that can cause bodily harm.

We’ve mentioned sugar for years here on – as one of the main “poisons” making humanity sick. Something that tastes so “good” is just literally poisonous for you! Have you not yet figured that out yet?

However, there are some really good NEW revelations in this podcast that are worth your two hours. Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Rick Johnson talk about how bad fructose is for you, among other things.

It probably pays to listen at least twice. Or more.

“In this episode, Rick Johnson, professor of nephrology at the University of Colorado, explains how his research into the causes of blood pressure resulted in a change of research direction to focus more on how fructose has such profound metabolic effects. Rick begins by talking about the relationship between salt and high blood pressure, then provides a masterclass into uric acid, and then expertly reveals the mechanisms and pathways by which sugar (specifically fructose) can profoundly impact metabolic health. From there, he explains how he applies this information to real-life patients as well as touches on some of the most promising ideas around pharmacotherapy that are being developed in response to the epidemics of fatty liver, insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity. Furthermore, Rick gives his take on artificial sweeteners compared to real sugar, discusses cancer’s affinity for fructose, and much more.”

Take a break from your psychologically-addictive binge-watching and try and save your own life and others as well.

Or you can just click some random button and donate five bucks to some unknown charity to make yourself feel good too. Then you can tweet about it and get back to your TV brainwashing.

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