Renaissance Realty Group – Gone

Renaissance Realty moves out of Hoboken

Wow, what a rare event! A Realtor actually moves OUT of Hoboken?

Renaissance Realtors moved from 404 Washington Street over to another municipality! If you love Real Estate agents like a groupie – you can find them now at 101 Hudson Street (suite 2100) in (gasp) Jersey City! Same phone, etc.

Could it be that “high rent” caused a Realtor to move? Or just better business environment over in Steve Fulop’s neck of the woods?

renaissance real estate moves to Jersey City from Hoboken NJ - Renaissance Realty Group - Gone

Description: Real Estate Agents
Address 404 Washington St., Hoboken, 101 Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ 07302
Telephone: (201) 533-1800, Fax – (201) 533-1810

Renaissance moves to 404 Washington Street

From 2010:

Renaissance Real Estate moved from 79 Hudson over to 404 Washington Street.
renaissance realty hoboken 404 washington - Renaissance Realty Group - Gone

Their old spot (79 Hudson St.) back in 2006:
Renaissance%20realty - Renaissance Realty Group - Gone

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