Hoboken Video Flashback: Jets Bimbo Jenn Sterger

Flashback: Jets chick Jenn Sterger

Here’s an “oldie but goodie,” regarding some “cute” girl named Jenn Sterger back in 2008. She giggled her boobs for attention for the NY Jets back then.

She’s still a “celebrity” to some degree – as she’s acknowledged herself as a “comedian.” Whatever that means.

Looking at her “INSTA” account – she must run through gigabytes of data taking 1000’s of selfies before she finds the one she likes. The ones that show the least wrinkles – and the widest eye sockets. Amazing how looking at yourself non-stop creates false positives for self-image. (Her best photos are ones when she’s looking elsewhere, by the way.)

Dunno. I’d have a coffee with her again to chat. She must be used to public criticism by now. I don’t have big boobs, so maybe she’d feel at ease.

To people like us – who do not spend time on social media – the first thing that cries out to us is – “you’re trying WAY too hard. Be yourself please!”

Anyway – that’s another glimpse back in time!

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