Taco Bell WTF?

Taco Bell: Cinder blocks and tortillas

Was in Bergen County recently – and noticed a “new” Taco Bell establishment. Don’t even want to call it a “restaurant” honestly.

But look at this. It’s just cinder blocks with a menu outside.

While I’m sure the inside is a bit more colorful but isn’t this a bit insulting?

They are so cocky now that they don’t need to put an OUNCE of effort into the exterior? Seriously – it’s one tick above a blank wall.

They know they have their customers addicted so bad – that they don’t even try anymore. They’ve won.

Maybe they’re getting ahead of the curve regarding the dystopian society of the future. Who knows.

Taco Bell end of times architecture bergen county NJ 1 720x391 - Taco Bell WTF?

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