Hoboken sign of confusion

3/27/2009 Update:

Boy, that is ridiculous! Another sign of a dysfunctional city government. I’m surprised it is still up. The Annette Illing memorial plan was approved five months ago, of course.

Don’t forget to choose the right candidates in May!


10/14/2008 Final Reminder:

Public Hearing on tree planting TONIGHT

Just a reminder that as the new sign says, the public hearing on the proposal to plant a tree in memory of Annette Illing at Pier A Park is 7pm tonight at City Hall.


Here’s an artist’s sketch/rendering of what the area may look like:


See the rest of the sign original debacle below…


Yes, this really is a real sign hanging today in Pier A park. It is not something I Photoshopped. It is however INCORRECT!

A few months ago 5th ward councilman Peter Cunningham and 6th ward councilman Nino Giacchi promoted legislation to allow for public input on any changes to existing city parks. This followed the controversy surrounding the unilateral decisions made by Mayor Roberts at Church Square Park, including the “murdered trees”, the planting of new ones, and the additional kiddie park and astroturf.

Now when the city wants to make a change in a park it must be publicly noticed with a public hearing.

This is the first test of that new law.

City has trouble getting things right

hoboken-public-hearing-tree-pier-a-annette-illing.gifThe problem this time: the sign shop put the WRONG DATE on the sign! The hearing on “planting a tree in Pier A park” will NOT be happening this Sunday the 14th of September, but on Tuesday the 14th of October, according to this notice on the Hoboken City Website aka “Dave Roberts’ MySpace page.”

The tree in question would be planted to commemorate the life of longtime Hoboken community activist Annette Illing, who was instrumental in fighting many good fights over the years, including the battle for Pier A park.

When the political establishment (including Roberts) wanted to allow the Port Authority to build a 23 story office building on the pier, Illing was among the key activists who organized the community against the plan. Supporters and objectors (if any) to the plan to plant this tree will meet at 7pm in the basement conference room at City Hall.

In case you still don’t believe this ridiculous sign is real and hanging right now in Pier A Park, check out this gallery with other angles:


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Annette deserves to be honored. The best way for the city administration to do her justice is to start being responsible and run this city with financial stability in mind. 🙄

Tama Murden

While the sign issue is one stupid thing, I hope folks show up tonight, to support this. Annette was a force of nature here & deserves to be honored.


[quote comment=”105545″][quote comment=”105542″]the price of metal theses day are so high how can they justify this[/quote]

Is this the same clown outfit that had to redo the warning sign at Sinatra park? The sign warning people not to play on the lead field had to be be done twice because the first sign had a word misspelled. Is this what they mean by make work jobs?

I really hope that with the state takeover, some of these isuse will get resolved……

On a side note….I love walking past the high school around 8-9:00 pm and hearing every window air conditioner in use. All off the offices were dark, so I don’t want to hear that there were teachers or students burning the midnight oil. Is this part of the reason why the BOE spends $25k per pupil? They can’t turn these things off before they leave? Oh I forgot, it’s the tax suckers, I mean tax payers money so who cares right? I probably should be careful right? I mean we might end up seeing on the next BOE agenda a proposal to hire a Director of Turing on and off air conditioners, salary $75k plus generous benefits.[/quote]

wow, the High School has AC? Why?

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

[quote comment=”105533″]You’ve gotta be f*cking kidding. Have to be. The human mind isn’t capable of comprehending the multiple layers of lunacy involved in this.[/quote]

well then this link may cause your head to explode then…

look at the comments of these lunatics!



[quote comment=”105547″]There is no cost to the city for the sign.It is a reusable sign with decal letters.[/quote]

No cost to the city for this sign? If we’re getting things for free how come the budget is $110 million a year?

If it’s indeed removable lettering, then that’s slightly more acceptable; though it’s still far from the most cost-effective way to accomplish this.