How Teen Vogue Celebrated Christmas

Any parent that allows their teen to read garbage like Teen Vogue should be removed from their role of parenting. The only way a teen should see this crap EVER – it to be educated about how all the fake media is subversive propaganda.

How Teen Vogue Celebrated Christmas

Via Moonbattery

Moonbats have their own ways of celebrating Christmas. Amanda Marcotte celebrated by denouncing Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as “fascist propaganda.” Teen Vogue celebrated by tweeting links to earlier articles encouraging children to have oral and anal sex:

As noted at NOQ Report, Teen Vogue pushes the envelope even more aggressively than left-wing outlets oriented toward adults (CNN, The New Yorker, Slate, etc). You can push harder with teenagers, because their viewpoint is malleable, their brains are not completely formed, and they don’t have enough life experience to know when they are being lied to or manipulated for corrupt purposes.

Teen Vogue has also pitched prostitution to 13-year-old girls, argued that it doesn’t matter whether men subjected to #MeToo allegations are innocent, and presented abortion as humorous. It portrays American history as a terrible sin and endorses Antifa goons. A more pernicious (not to mention vile) publication would be difficult to imagine — and it targets kids.

Every great culture rises, thrives, and then declines into decay. America is unnecessarily declining ahead of schedule, because the decay is deliberately induced.

More Teen Vogue nonsense about “gender”

This wouldn’t be complete without showing this utter nonsense. If there was one single takeaway, it’d be “Wow, look at how easy it is to fuck people up in the mind!”

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