What is happening in New Jersey? {Crazy laws, etc.)

What is happening with the crazy new laws in New Jersey?

Something odd is happening with the New Jersey Legislature as of late – not just the wacky trends going on in Hoboken.

There is a mad rush to push all sorts of new “laws” into effect.

A few bills to point out are:

  • “Banning” ALL BAGS at stores (not just plastic bags).
  • Allow criminals (murderers and felons) to vote. Including those in incarceration.
  • Allowing illegal occupants of the country to get driver’s licenses (as well as the ability to vote).
  • “Protecting parents in Prison.”

And a few others.

Not sure about how you feel about these – but something is awry here, no?

It seems that Democrats are looking for new voters – and this is one of many ways to do that.

Crazy Laws NJ

What is the purpose of the rush of new laws in NJ?

We already know the “bag laws” are the dumbest concepts in existence. Do you really think the earth or the “environment” benefits from our reduction of lowly bags? HAHA! The absolute LEAST of any (perceived) problems! They pick these issues because people can supposedly “identify” with them. While we think pollution is way over-rated, there are polluters out there that make these bags people use for everyday convenience not even register on the scale.

And for the longest time – criminals who hurt other people were stripped of their “voice” in society – because, well, who needs to explain why you wouldn’t want certain people involved in the decision-making process! They’re calling them “discriminatory.”

“A Black adult in New Jersey is 12 times more likely to be incarcerated than a white adult, the highest disparity in imprisonment rates between Black and white residents of any state in the country. And although Black people comprise just 15 percent of New Jersey’s overall population, they represent about half of those who have lost their voting rights as a result of a criminal conviction,” says one group advocating for such bills. Umm, who’s fault is that?

They act as if getting incarcerated is a “random act” that unfairly targets a demographic. Such bullshit. How do they have the nerve to try and bring “dignity” to those who had no respect for others when they committed (insert crime and victim here) those acts?

And why are people – who are not LEGALLY residing in this country be given benefits like the ability to drive? Shouldn’t they be DEPORTED for violating our immigration laws?

Reading some of the propaganda coming out for these situations is troubling. Almost as if the felons in prison are being treated as “victims.” Well – who is speaking out for the damn REAL VICTIMS of the crimes committed?

Alternatively – perhaps some of the “crimes” (such as personal drug use – which most often have no real victims) shouldn’t be crimes at all?

The sad thing is – that no one is questioning this at all. Probably for fear of being labeled a dissenter of some kind.

Boiling of the frog, I tell ya.

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