Social events like SantaCon or LepreCon – SO WHAT?

Social events like SantaCon or LepreCon – SO WHAT?

Over time – Hoboken411 has had varying opinions about “social events” such as SantaCon and LepreCon. Those are what most might call “mass drinking events with common themes and ideal marketing.”

And of course, you can add in a healthy dose of “stupid mother fuckers who just follow like lemmings” to the mix.

But as we’ve matured – our stance has changed a bit. Natural for anyone who has enough time to observe and contemplate.

These days – the viewpoint has taken a more “Libertarian” approach to it all.

If you’re going to “allow” free market (such as bars that serve alcohol), then you might as well be prepared for “surges” in stupidity like those events.

Hoboken SantaCon 2019

Events should never be “castrated” – it never works

It appears that most Hobokenites want their cake and so on (whatever the dumb phrase is).

They want to take their strollers to cafes and get “buzzed,” but they do not want others to do so.

Hypocrisy at its finest

One thing that bugs us – is how (once good) police employee (now categorized as “chief”) Ken Ferrante used to be a decent guy. Now he’s just a giant liberal pussy. His position has gotten to him, and none of his once trusted confidants have had the nerve to put him in his place. That is precisely what happens to almost everyone that is put into a position of “power.”

This man had the balls (or landing strip) to bash the recent SantaCon. Because people drank alcohol and got “unruly” according to the decrees of our local government. He even threw in “underprivileged children” into the mix – like a total fag. Only losers throw in bullshit triggers like that. Especially when they have no ground to stand on. (This is why 99% of 5k runs are for “charity,” because they wouldn’t fly otherwise.)

The hypocrisy in this city is nonsensical. They want the business – but cannot handle the ebbs and flows that naturally happen in a free market.

Ironically – the “false narrative” is exactly what this stupid city is portraying.

ken ferrante chief police hoboken santacon

Cherry-picking the good about free-market capitalism never works

Let’s simplify this.

You want bars and alcohol – but you don’t want irresponsible behavior.

That alone is just not possible.

Even on an ordinary Friday or Saturday night.

What then?

You have literally two sensible options.

  1. Deal with the ramifications of legalized “brain-reducing” fluids.
  2. Ban it entirely (a la Prohibition).

But what Hoboken wants to do is find some kind of “perfect grounds” where they allow the human-changing alcohol – but want to “control” it in some way. That is absolutely absurd. Just like the speed limit. Why haven’t they limited the speed of cars? (BTW, that will happen in our lifetime).

One of the primary reasons for setting laws – is most people can EASILY break them.

Who benefits?

The city, county, or state.

Make sense?

What most of you idiots don’t realize is – that they (the state, city, etc.) constantly make claims that they’re going to “CLAMP DOWN” on such bad behavior. BUT IT NEVER EVER, EVER, gets eradicated!

DO you see what that means? They just want to collect money. Earn (PR) points for “doing a good job.” And many more image-related things.


It would be bad for (their) business!

Footnote: There are sensible ways to manage SantaCon’s and LepreCon’s

Seeing that everyone that voluntarily lives in Hoboken with all the bells and whistles that come along – it should be EASY PEASY to manage the ebbs and flows, right? You love the fact you can drink when you want – why not just take the good with the bad?

  • Leave town during known idiotic alcohol-infused events. If drunken morons causing trouble bugs you – then just leave for a day. Then you have nothing to complain about. You missed it on purpose! We have done this many times – and it is SO MUCH easier!
  • Join the crowd. Fuck it, right? Why not just have fun with the rest of the morons. It adds character.
  • Deal with it. Understand that all those “vices” that you (supposedly) enjoy “responsibly,” are first-world problems. Some folks on Planet Earth don’t even have running water. Or Electric Vehicles like Teslas. Don’t you have bigger problems such as ridiculous property taxes? Grow a pair and get over it!

Seriously. If humans living among each other – along with the “rights” we all have cannot peacefully coexist – then you need to take more extreme measures.

If you hate this stuff – then you should be prepared for a “dry city.” Otherwise – get over yourselves.

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